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Too Soon? – “All Seniors Everything”

Hannah Adams: Lyrics, Vocals

Sarah Shackleton: Lyrics, Vocals

Sample Track: “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James

Recording Studio” Green Street Arts Center

Studio Engineer: John Bergeron

All Seniors Everything – Too Soon?



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The Cherry Magazine

WesFiles: The Cherry

Issuu Online Edition: The Cherry

Managing Editors:
Gabe Rosenberg and William Dubbs

Kathleen Kang, Eric Swack, John Baierl, Ann Surber, Matthew Auster, Merry Li, Melissa Arroyo, Sean Mihaljevich, Kassandra Leidemer, Maimouna Siby, Peter Chu, Marisa Yang

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Foss Hill Five: “Late Nite F******”

Adam Brudnick (Guitar)
Camille Anne Francoise Bordet-Sturla (Vocals)
Alex Kuwada (Vocals)
Henry Molofsky (Keys, Bass Synth)
Michael Zazzaro (Guitar)

Composers: Michael Zazzaro (music); Alex Kuwada (lyrics); Henry Molofsky (lyrics, music), Adam Brudnick (production)

Drum Sample: “Lights Please” by J. Cole

Recorded at Green St. Studios; Recording Engineer: John Bergeron

Video shot by Matt Lichtash, edited by Daniel Nass

Youtube link here.

Late Nite F******

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Ashley, Michelle, and Mattison: “So Jiggly”

Ashley McLaren (lead vocals, lyrics, PB&J maker)

Mattison Peters (vocals, lyrics, cinematographer)

Michelle Kravets (vocals, lyrics)

Sample Track: “No Diggity” by Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre

Recording Studio: Green Street Arts Center

Studio Engineer: John Bergeron


“So Jiggly”

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Franzia Artois: “Drunk in the Tub”

Drunk in the Tub Franzia Artois

Eliza Forman: Lyrics, vocals

Saumya Chatrath: Lyrics, vocals

Composer (Galway Girl): Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon

Lyrics: Eliza Forman and Saumya Chatrath

Sampled track: Galway Girl recorded by Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon

Recorded at Green Street Studio

Engineer: John Bergeron


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The Wesleyanettes: “R&B Medley”

Jacob Lewis (Piano)

Roxanna Pell (Vocal)

Nicole Roman-Johnston (Cello)

Monique Siaw (Vocal)

Songwriter/Composer (L-O-V-E): Milt Gabler and Bert Kaempfert

Songwriter/Composer (Be My Baby): Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Philip Spector

Songwriter/Composer (Stand by Me): Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, and Mike Stoller

Recorded at Green Street Studio

Engineered by John Bergeron

“R&B Medley”

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Ginger Magic and C. Lee: Watching the Babes Roll Away

Mark Lee: Ghost Writer and Co-director

Rory O’Neill: Ghost Writer and Co-director

Kieran Coyne: Vocals

Sample was taken from Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.”

Recorded in Garage Band in the house of 53 Home Ave.

Watching The Babes Roll Away

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Still Ain’t Cuffed By Denzel Allen (SoKo) Featuring Patrick Salazar (Spoken Phor)

Title:“Still Ain’t Cuffed”

Vocals: Denzel Allen, Patrick Salazar

Composer/Lyrics: Denzel Allen, Patrick Salazar

Sample: “Rich AF” by Lil Wayne Featuring 2 Chainz

Recording Studio: 223 Pine Street

Engineers: Patrick Salazar, Denzel Allen, Anthony Flores


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