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NotaRapper: “Substance Abuse”

Nkosi Archibald (Vocals)
Lyrics: Nkosi Archibald
Electronic Sample: Mr. Carmack- Shroomeries
Composer: Mr. Carmack
Recorded at Green Street Studios
Engineer(s): John Bergeron & Nkosi Archibald Abuse .m4a

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The Regime: “I Hate College (Remix)”

Aniello O’Connor (Vocals), Abo Mahmoud (Vocals), Alex Daversa-Russo (Vocals), Rob Manning (Vocals)

Composer: Alex Daversa-Russo & Abo Mahmoud

Lyrics: Alex Daversa-Russo & Abo Mahmoud

Sampled: I Hate College – Sam Adams

I Love College – Asher Roth

Say It Ain’t So- Weezer

Recording Engineer: Alex Daversa-Russo

Recording Studio: Nicolson 7303

I Hate College (Remix)


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Shelly-D and Yambs: “Counting Bars”

Michele Drossner (vocals)

Amber Bruckner (vocals)

Composers and Lyrics: Michele Drossner and Amber Bruckner

Sampled: “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron

Counting Bars

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Varsity Blues: “Up All Night”

Guy Davidson (vocals), Jill Gately (vocals), Sam Goodwin-Boyd (vocals), Pete Rantz (vocals), Julia Reed (vocals).
Composer: Drake.
Lyrics: Julia Reed.
Sampled: “Up All Night (Instrumental)” DJ Cover This.
“Up All Night”

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C.W.A. (Cards With Attitude): “Go Wes”

Jordan Otis (Lyrics, Vocals)

Peter Conforti (Lyrics, Vocals

Nicole Babbitt (Lyrics, Vocals)

Ike Fuchs (Lyrics, Vocals)

Ryan Welch (Lyrics)

Composer: Juelz Santana; Def Jam Records; Producer: Heatmakerz; Originally sampled lyrics from “Please Mr. Postman” originally performed by The Marvelettes.

Recorded and Edited by Dexter Dine of Wesleyan University ‘14

C.W.A. (Cards With Attitude): “Go Wes”

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Ryno and The Wolves of High Street: “Sober as an Ox”

Mitchell Ryan: Lyrics, Vocals, Engineer, Idea for Lyrics

Zac Cuzner: Lyrics, Idea for Lyrics

Hayden Hall: Lyrics, Co-Engineer

Andrew Mehr: Lyrics

Sample: A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash

Recording Studio: Butts A 316

Recording Device: Mac Book

“Sober as an Ox”

Sober as an Ox

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The Mess: “Ode To Keeping Your Room Clean”

The Mess

Jared Fineberg (guitar, vocal), Jessica Wolinsky (vocal), Jared Fineberg and Jessica Wolinsky (percussion).  Composer: Jared Fineberg; Lyrics: Jessica Wolinsky and Jared Fineberg.

The Mess. “Ode To Keeping Your Room Clean” (2014)

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Conn-ye Westech: In Middletown

Wyatt Rees (producer/lyricist/vocalist), Jackson Brandstetter (lyricist/vocalist), Jake Smith (lyricist/vocalist), Elizabeth Farrell (lyricist/vocalist)

“In Middletown”

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The Charries “You’ll Know”

Abby Reed (Ukulele, vocals), Ani Acopian (Vocal percussion), John Vasser (vocals), Shelby Gilyard (vocals), Hannah Ryan (musical Engineer). Composer: Abby Reed, Lyrics: Abby Reed and John Vasser. Vocal Arrangement Abby Reed, Ani Acopian.Recorded at Studio C, WESU Radio Station, Broad st.

“You’ll Know”

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T-Sweat and the Mindbenders: “Bye-Bye”

Dillon Kraus: (guitar, vocals)

Sam Wheeler:(guitar, drums, cowbell)

Bennett Gelly:(bass, synthesizer, production)

goat: (screaming)

Composer: Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback

Lyrics: Taylor Swift

Recording Studio: Greenhouse Studios (i.e. Bennett’s room)

Engineer: Bennett Gelly


Title: Bye-Bye

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