Club Mix Vol. III Mix.mp3 Megan Pelson (Vocals), Anna Cohen (Vocals), Willa Nielsen (Vocals), Julia Graves (Music and Composition), Emily Zaremba (Album Art) Lyrics: Megan Pelson, Anna Cohen, Willa Nielsen Composition: Julia Graves Sampled: Drake- Started From the Bottom, Discovery- Osaka Loop Line Green St. Studios Club Mix Vol. III

MGJK: “#SochiProblems”

Grace Smith-Vocalist Madison Hartley-Main Lyricist Justin Schick-Assistant Lyricist/Original Idea Kaitlyn Clark-Assistant Lyricist/Original Idea/Uploader “I Knew You Were Trouble” – Taylor Swift Recorded: MXM Studios, Conway Studios Label: Big Machine Song Title: “#SochiProblems”