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Jackson 3 “I Want You Back Remix”

Corin Cort (back up vocalist, video editor), Kenny Navedo (lead vocalist), Naomi Wright (back up vocalist, sound engineer)

Composer: The Corporation- Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards and Alphonzo Mizell

Lyrics: Naomi Wright & Corin Cort

Recorded in a Wesleyan music studio

I Want You Back Remix

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Decades: From Bessie to Kanye

Dominique Moise (vocals), Sam Sheppe (vocals), Stephen Howard (vocals)

Recorded at Green Street Studio (Middletown, CT)

Engineered by John Bergeron

Video by Dominique Moise

Sampled Music: Down Hearted Blues – Bessie Smith (Composers: Son House, Lovie Austin, Alberta Hunter), Maybellene – Chuck Berry (Composer: Chuck Berry), I Feel Good – James Brown (Composer: James Brown), Brick House – The Commodores (Composers: Shirley Hanna-King [uncredited], Lionel Richie, Milan Williams, Walter Orange, Ronald La Pread, Thomas McClary, William King), It Takes Two – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock (Composers: Rob Base, William Hamilton, DJ E-Z Rock), U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer (Composers: MC Hammer, Rick James, Alonzo Miller), Otis – Jay Z and Kanye West (Composers: Kanye West, Shawn Carter, James Brown, Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly

Decades Video


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Wasting Time-Kevin, Keishan, Aviv


Wasting Time- Kevin, Keishan, Aviv

Composer: NewDersey Beats

Engineer: Kevin Holliday, Aviv Preminger

Vocals: Kevin Holliday, Keishan Christophe

Lyrics: Kevin Holliday

Cover art: Aviv Preminger, Kevin Holliday

Studio:Recorded in Butts B using Logic Pro X and microphone rented from music library

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Parmesan for the Boyce: “Hormones (RAW)”

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 1.33.40 PMSam Gord (Drums), Sam Horenstein (Bass), Emerson Obus (Guitar, Vocals), Peter Sohmer, (Vocals)

Composers: Sam Gord, Sam Horenstein, Emerson Obus, Peter Sohmer

Lyrics: Peter Sohmer

Green Street Recording Studio, John Bergeron


Hormones (RAW)

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Erin Mitchell: “Sandcastles Tomorrow”

Erin Mitchell: vocals

Sampled Music: Sandcastles – Beyoncé

Composers: Vincent L. Berry II, Beyoncé Knowles, Malik Yusef, Midian Mathers

Lyrics: “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?” – Carole King (Composers: Carole King, Gerry Goffin)

Recorded at Green St. Studio (Middletown, CT)

Engineered by John Bergeron

“Sandcastles Tomorrow”

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Anabel and Margaret: “It’s Too Late Remix”

Anabel Pasarow: vocals

Margaret Curtis: vocals, keyboard

Composer: Carole King

Lyrics: Toni Stern

Recorded with Logic with Justin Friedman as engineer.


“It’s Too Late Remix” 

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Well, We Tried: “Heroes”


David Whitehouse: guitars, bass, vocals, drum sequencing, production
Bryson Davis: guitar
Composer: David Bowie/Brian Eno
Lyrics: David Bowie
Sample: David Bowie – Heroes (1977) [at the beginning]

Recorded entirely in my bedroom.


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Daniel Esposito: Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

Daniel Esposito: Guitar, vocals

Composer/Lyricist: Bob Dylan

Recorded in Music Studios using Audacity

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright


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Indecision: Stop! It Was Just My Imagination

Emi Ogden-Fung: Production, Engineering

Dana Mitchell: Creative Input, Sample Curation

Emma Bentley: Creative Input, Sample Curation

Mo Nelson: Creative Input, Sample Curation

Caroline Sgaglione: Creative Input, Sample Curation

Sampled Music: Stop! In the Name of Love – The Supremes (Composers: Holland-Dozier-Holland), Just My Imagination – The Temptations (Composers: Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong), Good Times – Chic (Composers: Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers), Indecision – Shura (Composer: Alexandra Lilah Denton)

Stop! It Was Just My Imagination

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Chris and Nadine: untitled (raw)

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 5.09.19 PM

Composer: Chris Reed (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, lyrics)

Video: Nadine Ng (shooting, editing, concept)

Music recorded onto cassette in Clark Hall/Usdan basement, video shot in Clark kitchen.

untitled (raw)

YouTube link in case video file starts to download

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