Stretched Skin: MidWinter Blues

Ethan Zeiger: Vocals (on extended version), Sound Engineering, MIDI Instrumentation (piano, bass, drums and organ)
Owen Ward: Vocals
Dylan Kelley: Vocals
Cole Turpin: Vocals
Otto Bohan: Vocals

Equipment: USB Microphone, KORG Midi controller

Software: Logic Pro 9

Studio: 14 Fountain

“MidWinter Blues” is an original composition, structured to the traditional 12 bar blues form. We all sing one verse that discusses a different phase of the unpredictable weather we’ve been having in Middletown.

“Call It Stormy Monday,” by T-Bone Walker, was a big source of inspiration for the piece. The engineer for our group listened to the song once and then composed the instrumental directly after. We directly borrowed Walker’s introductory 2 bar phrase and one of his horn riffs, mimicking it through the a sampled electronic organ. Though “MidWinter Blues” is not a cover, we credit T-Bone Walker for these two elements of our composition.

There are two versions for our piece; the radio edit and an optional extended version.

Radio Edit:

Stretched Skin: MidWinter Blues (radio edit)

Extended Version (Optional):

Stretched Skin: MidWinter Blues (extended version)