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Group: BPEK a Home.mp3

Composer: Hank Williams: ” A House Without Love”

Brandon Pearson: Vocalist, Instrument

Eren Kiris: Vocalist, Lyrics,

John Bergeron: Engineer

AWKS 104 Recording Studio


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Maybellene Mag

Editor/Layout- JR Atkinson

Contributors- Freya Strasburg, Lauren Shackman, Mitchell Patton, Riley Larsen, Samuel Serxner, Samson Dooley, Cameron Park, Benjamin Kaplan, Matt Chase, Spencer Robbins, Olivia Baglieri, Luke Dewees, Kalib Varela, Olivia Gracey, Giovanni Ortiz

Link to online version-

Maybellene Mag PDF

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Rock Hard: “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”

Alex Rogers (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Asst. Engineer)

Tomas O’Brien (Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Lead Engineer)

Composer: Bob Dylan, Alex Rogers, Tomas O’Brien

Lyrics: Bob Dylan

Recorded in Bennett 114, Macbook Pro, Garageband

Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right


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Little Feet: “Blue Suede Shoes”

Trevor Dalton (lead vocals)

Corey Silverman-Lloyd (piano, backup vocals)

Stella Ginsberg (drums, piano solo)

Teddy Keegan (viola, assistant engineer)

Composer: Carl Perkins

Lyrics: Carl Perkins

Recorded in Red Feather Studios. Engineered by Keizo Fish.

Blue Suede Shoes

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Filosofia : “Come Back To Me”

Participants: Andres Arango and Miguel Madrid

Music Producer: Miguel Madrid

Vocals: Andres Arango and Miguel Madrid

Original SongCinema Six Eight  by Magic in Threes

Song Writer – Andres Arango

Composed through the use of GarageBand

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The Bleach Boys: “Surfer Girl”

Surfur Gurl


Jacob Zilversmit (Lead Guitar, Bass, Engineer)

Myles Johnson (Vocals, Backup Guitar, Engineer)

Robert Moderelli (Lead Vocals, Drums)

Apple Farrelly (Adlibs, Engineer, Artwork)

Composers: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Gary Usher, and Robert Christian

Lyrics: Brian Wilson

Recorded in Bennet/Usdan by Jacob Zilversmit, Myles Johnson, and Apple Farrelly

Song: Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys

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The Dirty Bubbles: ‘The Times They Are A Changing’

Marco Gaita (Harmonica, Vocals)

Tucker Kirchberger (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals)

Owen Verespy (Vocals)

Jack Ryan (Producer)

Jack Dambrosio (Assistant Producer/ Manager)

Recorded in a friend’s basement studio

Writer/ Original Performer Bob Dylan

The Times They Are A Changing

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