Neve,Nikki,Maeve: “Stand Six Feet”

Neve Wallace (vocals), Nikki Gerjarusak (vocals), Maeve Pattie (vocals)

Lyrics: Neve Wallace, Nikki Gerjarusak, Maeve Pattie

Engineer: Nikki Gerjarusak

Recorded in our home

“Stand Six Feet”

New lyrics to “Stand By Me,” composed and sung by Ben E. King and produced by Leiber and Stoller, Atlantic

We sample audio from these news reports:

The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie and Dr. Anthony Fauci (0:00-0:12)

9News Australia (0:00-0:07)

MSNBC, Morning Joe, World Health Organization (0:24-0:32)

Wesleyan Twitter (@wesleyan_u), Michael Roth Campus Update via Wesleyan Website  (0:00-0:18)

CNBC Television, Meg Tirrell (0:10-23)