Indecision: Stop! It Was Just My Imagination

Emi Ogden-Fung: Production, Engineering Dana Mitchell: Creative Input, Sample Curation Emma Bentley: Creative Input, Sample Curation Mo Nelson: Creative Input, Sample Curation Caroline Sgaglione: Creative Input, Sample Curation Sampled Music: Stop! In the Name of Love – The Supremes (Composers: Holland-Dozier-Holland), Just My Imagination – The Temptations (Composers: Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong), Good Times – Chic (Composers: Bernard … Read more

The Basics: “On A Monday”

Dana Mitchell (vocals), Caroline Sgaglione (vocals), Emma Bentley (vocals, beat), Mo Nelson (vocals, beat), Emi Ogden-Fung (vocals) Composer(s): Dana Mitchell, Caroline Sgaglione, Emi Ogden-Fung Lyrics: Dana Mitchell, Caroline Sgaglione, Emi Ogden-Fung Original Composer(s): Shirley Owens, Addie Harris, Doris Coley and Beverly Lee Original Performers: The Shirelles Recorded in Clark Hall using a Sterling Audio Condenser Mic On A … Read more