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Nick Moutinho and the Big Nüdles: “High Rise Blues”

Dan Berkowitz (Composer, Guitar), Nick Moutinho (Lyrics, Vocals), Max Ornstein (Composer, Drums), Dan Charness (Bass, BG Vocals).

Recorded at Psi Upsilon Studios. Produced by Dan Charness.

High Rise Blues

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Furious Wildebeat: Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Nick Pelletier aka Professor of Knowledge (Allen Ginsberg’s buddy), Evan Bluestein (Camera, Edit), Wilson Griffin (Bob Dylan), Dipanker Acharya-Koirala aka Kid the Sherpa (Allen Ginsberg?).  Song: Paula Abdul “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”.  Based on “Don’t look Back Theatrical Trailer staring Bob Dylan”

Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

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Hodgepodge: “Somebody to Love”

Hamilton Yu (Piano), Daniel Henry (Lead Vocals), Nikhil Sabharwal, Daniel Hulyk, Zach Sadler (Backup Vocals). Composers: Freddy Mercury, Brian May. “Somebody to Love” originally recorded by Queen in 1976 “A Day at the Races.”

Recorded in Practice Room 006 (Heaven). Engineers: All of us.

Somebody to Love (Queen Cover)

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Tucker Max Orchestra: Concerto #2

Turner Hayes (Sax), Charlies Lang (Bass), Ezra Silk (Vocals, Drums, Keyboard).

Concerto #2

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Alpacho: “Waking, Wandering”

Yulhee Cho (composer, piano, guitar, bass, vocal), Dan Levine (lyrics, vocal).

Waking, Wandering

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The Hoochie Coochie Men: “Never Let You Go”

Eddie Mclaughlin (Lead Vocals), Field Yates (Keyboard), Adam Kirk (Lead Guitar), Jeff Stritmatter (Tambourine).

Recording Studio: Beta Theta Pi. Engineer (Cameraman): The Hoochie Coochie Men/Tyler Byrne.

Never Let You Go

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The Blues Sisters: Never Felt This Way

Bulaong Ramiz (piano), Tania DeBarros (vocals). Music and Lyrics by Brian McKnight.

Recorded at: Green St. Studios. Engineer: John Bergernon

Never Felt This Way

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Anthony Albrecht: “Untitled”

Anthony Albrecht (keyboards, bass, rhythm, sound engineer). Composers: Anthony Albrecht, Stevie Wonder.  Adapted from “I Wish” by Stevie Wonder.

Recorded 2/28/08. Middletown, CT. AAlbrecht Computer Recording Studios. (Sound Forge 7.0)


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The Cathartists: Recession Blues

Amit Bob (vocals) Mason Tang (Rhythm guitar) Eugene Podborits (Producer, Lyrics), Lu Yang (solo guitar), Kristin Hough (artwork)

Recession Blues

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Backseat Drivers: The Reinvention of Billy Pryor

Billy Pryor, Adrienne Shea, Tory Whitney (Actors/Writers/Producers/Editors)

The Reinvention of Billy Pryor

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