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Country Music at Wesleyan

Grace Zimmerman (vocals), Nicholas Devane (media) Music at

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I’m a Bee

Andrew Erlagen-Vocals

Kyle Harrington-Lyrics/Composer

Shea Dwyer- Producer/Composer

Lane Kirshe- Editor/ Composer

Sample- “I’ma Be” by Black Eyed Peas

Green Street Recording Studio

I’m a Bee

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$$Bagz- Tik Tok Getting $ Remix

Madeline Caldwell, vocals

John Jung, vocals

Alexandra Klass, vocals

Tik Tok Getting$ Remix

Produced, Recorded, Shot by the $$ Bagz at 14 Fountain using iMovie and Garageband.

“TiC ToK” Written and produced by Benny Blanco, Kesha,

and Dr. Luke

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Booty Callin: “Pee Funk”

Michael Ullman (producer, arranger, bass, drums)

Samples “Getten To Know You” by Parliament Funkadelic

Created using Reason 4.0 and Recycle 2.0 in Booty Callin’s studio of love in WestCo 4210

Pee Funk

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Size Matters – “WesWoodstock Documentary”

This is a short documentary of WesWoodstock, a festival put on in the backyard of 59 Pearl St. on May 8th, 2010.

Cinematography: [Ryan Brill, Mike Sandwick, Cara Madden, Liz Evans, Frank Melendez, Sam Friedman, Arielle Hixson, Laura Geronimo]  = (Size Matters)

Script: Size Matters

Editing: Ryan Brill, Mike Sandwick

Interviews/Acting by: Size Matters

Special Thanks to: 59 Pearl, Mad Wow, Wordsmith & the Concert G’s, Dr. Henry and the Tugboat Revolution, & Boss Hog.

Size Matters – “WesWoodstock Doc” – It works, we promise. Newly compressed, just give it about 5-10 seconds to load.

Or, try the YouTube Link

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Large Hardon Collider: “Subaru Outback”

Featuring virtuosos Gabe Castanon (main composer, vocals, desk lamp percussion), Anwar Batte (composer, vocals, bed percussion), and Kevin Brisco (composer, vocals).

The wall of sound is inspired by Phil Spector’s…Wall of Sound.

Created in GarageBand on Gabe’s MacBook, in Butt B 205 Studios. No built-in loops were used–all sounds were either recorded or created note by note.

Large Hardon Collider – Subaru Outback

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The Birds and The Bees: “Our Song”

Andrew Hopen (vocals)

Marj Dodson (guitar)

David Harris (mandolin)

Jacob Eichengreen (bass, guitar)

Jacob Eichengreen composed the electric guitar piece, Taylor Swift composed the rest, as well as the lyrics

Recorded: GarageBand, Room 321, Butterfield C by Jacob Eichengreen

“Our Song”

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Urban Bird: “Perfect Situation” (Cover)

Urban Bird: “Perfect Situation” (Cover)

Mike Nakhla (Guitar/Drum Machine)

Matt Motta (Piano)

Liz Reagan (Vocals)

Composer: Weezer.

Lyrics: Weezer

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Dan Charness: “Rock the Night”

Song composed, arranged, and produced by Dan Charness

Dan Charness: Acoustic guitar, lead vocals, backup vocals

Graham Richman: Electric guitars

Louis Russo: Bass

Nate Mondshein: Drums

Recorded at Green Street Arts Centre: John Bergeron, Engineer.

Rock the Night

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Fresh Boy$: “Forever (Remix)”

Mike Dudley (vocals), Derick Beresford (vocals), Ameer “Spoof” Brown (vocals), Shasha “ChaChi” Brown (vocals), David “Fresh” Fogel (Producer, vocals) Composer: Mike Dudley and Derick Beresford. lyrics: Mike Dudley, Derick Beresford, Spoof, Fresh, Chachi. Sampled “Forever” By Drake. Recorded in Clark Hall using Garage Band on May 5th, 2010.

Forever (Remix)

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