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The Cookies: “Hit the Road Jack”

Laurie Power: Piano

J: Vocals

Recorded in Green Street Art Center

Song written by Percy Mayfield

“Hit the Road Jack” by The Cookies

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Asher KN: “51 chillin (out like ’11)”

Production & Composition: Asher Kelly-Nacht & Harrison Schaaf

Recorded at 51 Fountain Studios

Title: “51 chillin (out like ’11)” \”51 chillin (out like \’11)\”


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A-Dub: “S.P.R.I.N.G”


Vocalist: Amber

Composer: Amber

Lyrics: Amber

Sampled: “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” written by Stax recording artist Otis Redding in 1965. Became more famous in 1967 when R&B singer Aretha Franklin, covered Redding’s song.

Name and Place of recording: Amber’s crib on Garageband



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HATE EVERYONE feat. Big F’ the Acided Devil: “King of Rock and R&B/Old Acided Devil”

Will Feinstein (Vocals)

Christopher McNabb (Cinematographer/Video Editor)

Composer: Teddy Weneker (beat #1); Lex Luger (beat #2)

Lyrics: Will Feinstein

Sample: “I Go Woogie” by Lil B, Produced by Lex Luger

Recording/Mixing by Will Feinstein in Butt A

King of Rock and R&B/Old Acided Devil

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Heyy Louie “Juicy”

Khleo Instrumental “juicy”

Engineer, Producer, Writer: Glen Thomas

Recorded with Constellation records.

02 JuicyAAC

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Summer Lovin’

Shane Bernard (Lyrics, Vocals)Ernest Wingate (Lyrics, Vocals)Glen Thomas (Engineer, Lyrics, Vocals)
Electronic Sample: “Trick Me” Kelis Produced by Dustin Austin, April 19, 2004. Star Trek, Arista Records
Record in room 207 Butt C
Summer Lovin


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A Slay and LA: Final Farwell



Ashley Slay(Vocals) and Lesly Alvarado(Vocals)

Composer: Ashley Slay

Lyrics: Ashley Slay and Lesly Alvarado

Final Farewell

Sample:  Drop The World – Lil Wayne



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Raechel, Ellie, and Lauren: “Rumor Has It” (a-cappella cover)

Raechel Plutzik: vocals, arrangement

Ellie Sherwin: vocals

Lauren Nadler: vocals, artwork

Composer, lyrics: Adele (“Rumor Has It”)

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Studio (John Bergeron)

“Rumor Has It”

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Performance Enhancing Thugs: “Mac Attack”

Performance Enhancing Thugs:

Andrew Lieberman (Young Kief) – Vocals, Garage Band, Lyricist

Marco Schooley (DJ Back to Schooley) – Vocals, Lyricist

Matt Coyne (Loose Change) – Vocals, Lyricist

Steve Moran (Stevey Mo) – Producer, Garage Band Technician, Lyricist

Jon Guzman (Usdan Guzman) – Producer, Garage Band Technician, Lyricist

Zachary Binswanger (Storage Bins) – Producer, Garage Band Technician


Original Composer: Mac Miller

Original Lyrics: Mac Miller

Sampled Songs: “Nikes on My Feet” and “Don’t Mind If I Do”


“Mac Attack”





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Fuckface Anonymous: I’m Waiting for the Man

Music by Fuckface Anonymous:

Sheng Jason Jia: keyboard, piano & vocal

Howe Pearson: drum & vocal

Alek Barkats: guitar & vocal

Aaron Khandros: bass & vocal


Composer: Lou Reed

Lyrics: Lou Reed


Recorded in Music Department Studio, on Logic Pro (resource provided by Jordan Lewis)

Engineer: Sheng Jason Jia


I’m Waiting for the Man (Velvet Underground cover)



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