AC & TSAMPS: Hear Me Roor

Alex Cannon (vocals), Troy Sampson (Vocals). Composer: Alex Cannon and Troy Sampson. Lyrics: Alex Cannon and Troy Sampson. Sample: 50 Cent Cold Blooded Remake (Instrumental) by GRAD2893 on youtube. Link: Recording studio: Hewitt 10, Garageband Studio Engineers: Alex Cannon and Troy Sampson Title: Hear Me Roor

Sockarooni – “Philadelphia”

Jared Geilich – synth, percussion, vocals, video editing Daniel Hurlbert – guitar, vocals, camerawork Composer: Jared Geilich & Daniel Hurlbert Lyrics: Daniel Hurlbert Sample from dialogue from “The Philadelphia Story”, directed by George Cukor (1940) Recorded in West College 4 in Ableton Live Recording Engineer: Jared Geilich Philadelphia alternate link