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Aeris: “Catch This Love”

Sam Lyons (production)

DonChristian Jones (vocals)


Final Fantasy X Piano Collections – “Assault”

Name of Piece: “Catch This Love”

Recording studio: Eclectic 200 High St

Engineer: Sam Lyons

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Money Lovin’ Thugz: “My Drank and My Blunt”

Mitch Godfrey: Vocals

Donnie Cimino: Vocals

Gregg Kelley: Lyrics

Sample: Kirko Bangz “Drank in my Cup”

Garage Band in Donnie’s Room

“My Drank and My Blunt”

My Drank and My Blunt

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New England Champs by DandB

Group Name: DandB

Title of Song: “New England Champs” Engalnd Champs.m4a

Group Members: Alex Cannon (Director, Co-Producer), Troy Sampson (Co-Producer), and Jennelle Herrick (Co-Producer)

Sampled Music From: 

-Deadmau5 – “Cthulu Dreams”

-Knife Party – “Internet Friends”

-Rusko – “Hold On”

-50 Cent – “Hustla’s Ambition”

-Tupac – “Still Ballin'”

Audio Sample From:

-Grandma’s Boy – “You’re a Hooker” – Allen Covert

-Drew Black – Drew Black, Head Coach Wrestling.  Youtube.

-Al Michaels – USA Hockey victory over USSR 1980.  Youtube.


Recorded and Edited in Hewitt 10

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WY – “Video Games”

W. Yung (keyboard, vocals)

Composed and Written by: Elizabeth Grant, Justin Parker

Sound effects from

“Video Games”


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Wescrew Tik Tok

Becky Gillig (vocals)

Lyrics: Becky Gillig

Sample: Tik Tok by Ke$ha

Church Street Studios and Garageband

Wescrew Tik Tok

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From the $TR33TZ: “Plan B”

Ryan Meier (Vocals/Lyrics)

Jake Bussani (Vocals/Lyrics)

Joshua Hurwitz (Vocals/Lyrics)

Jesse Warren (Vocals/Lyrics)

Sample: “Call Me Baby” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Recorded in Hewitt 10 on Garageband; Engineer: Jake Bussani

Plan B


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The Cool Breeze Brothers: “Blue Ball Blues”

Nick Albrecht (vocal), Elliot Albert (vocals), Kevin Campbell (vocals), Matthew Gross (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Brendan Hanley (vocal), Composer: Matthew Gross; lyrics: Nick Albrecht, Elliot Albert, Kevin Campbell, Matthew Gross, Brendan Hanley.

Recorded in Wesleyan’s studio Rehearsal Hall 013; Engineered by The Cool Breeze Brothers

“Blue Ball Blues”

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Bar Down Bandits: “Wes Puck Livin'”

Ryan Wainwright (Vocals/Lyrics); Jimmy Albrecht (Vocals/Lyrics); Dylan Niehoff (Vocals/Lyrics). Sample: “The Way I Live” by Baby Boy da Prince. Green Street Studio, John Bergeron.

Wes Puck Livin’- Bar Down Bandits

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Mystery (working title)

Will Gueble (guitar, vocals)

composer: Will Gueble

lyrics: Will Gueble

producer: John Bergeron

produced @ Green Street Studios

play song

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Haze Magazine

Link: Magazine(pdf).pdf


Haley Fowler (composer, writer, etc)


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