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John Ludlows With Attitude (JLWA): “Journey Man”

Composer and Producer: Peter Chu

Engineer:  Peter Chu

Video Director and Actor:  Will Dubbs

Journey Man

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The Connecticut Junkies: “Sinister Wonder”

Derek “Special D” Sturman: Producer, piano and guitar player, composer, lyricist

Ron “Roasted”  Jacobs: Singer, lyricist

Rashad “Izzy”  Coleman: Rapper

Recorded by Derek “Special”  Sturman at Usdanistan Studios (B22 in the Usdan basement)


The Connecticut Junkies: “Sinister Wonder”




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Ashley, Michelle & Mattison: “The Way We Live”

Ashley McLaren (lead vocals, lyrics)

Mattison Peters (vocals, lyrics, cinematographer)

Michelle Kravets (vocals, lyrics)

Sample Track: “The Way I Live” by Baby Boy Da Prince

Recording Studio: Green Street Arts Center

Studio Engineer: John Bergeron way we live

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Marky Mark and The Beta Cats: “Wescam’d by the Same Girl”

Mark Simmons (Vocals), Ian Johnson (Vocals, Production, Engineer), Alex Rowland (Vocals, Production, Engineer), Jeff Giocondi (Vocals), Dan Mena (Vocals).

Title: Wescam’d by the Same Girl

Artist: Marky Mark and The Beta Cats

Composer: R Kelly, Ronnie Jackson, J. Smith

Lyrics: Ian Johnson and Jeff Giocondi contributions by Mark Simmons, Dan Mena, Alex Rowland.

Based off: “Same Girl” – R. Kelly ft. Usher.

Recorded: Raimond Duy Baird Studios. Engineers: Alex Rowland & Ian Johnson


Special Thank You to Arty “The One Man Party” Stacey for his inspiration.

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The Prospects: Homecoming

Homecoming (click here to view)

By: Taylor Harbison (Producer, Editor, Director, Engineer)
Denzel Allen (Lyrics, Producer, Composer, Engineer)

Sample: Paris, Tokyo Instrumental by Lupe Fiasco

Production Systems and Locations:
Garageband–64 Fountain Avenue
Final Cut Pro X-PACLAB


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The Wesleyanettes: “Bennie and the Kids”

Jacob Lewis (Piano)

Roxi Pell (Vocal)

Monique Siaw (Vocal)

Nicole Roman-Johnston (Cello)

Cover of :

Bennie and the Jets, Composed by Elton John and Bernard Taupin

Super Rich Kids, Composed by Thebe Kgositsile, performed by Frank Ocean


Recorded in the Wesleyan University CFA practice rooms

Engineered and Produced by Jacob Lewis


Bennie and the Kids

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Connor, Kayla, Sam, Will-All of the Nights

Connor Ryan-Vocals

Kayla Ellman-Vocals

Will Choi-Vocals

Sam McMorris-Lyrics

Sampled “All of the Lights” Kanye West & Rihanna

Recorded at Green St. Studio

All of The Nights

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318: “We Out”

Ibraheem Khadar (Vocals) not in class

Vincent Davis (Vocals)

Jon Spivey (Vocals, Engineer, Producer)

Matt Polacek (Producer)

Sampled: The Real SPK: Joey Bada$$ Type Beat, Juicy J ad-lib

318: We Out

Recorded in Butts 318

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Lindsay Starr: “The Lost Ones”

Lindsay Starr: vocals

Zach Kaufman: guitar

Composer: Lindsay Starr, Zach Kaufman

Lyrics: Lindsay Starr

Green Street Recording Studio

“The Lost Ones”

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Solo Dolo Yolo: Concrete Beach

Composer: Mark Lee

Made using Logic Pro in 53 Home Studios

Concrete Beach

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