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Westech 5: “The Uze”

Brandon Sousa (lyrics, vocals), Hans Erickson (lyrics, vocals), Adrian Reifsnyder (lyrics, vocals), Christopher Kafina (lyrics, vocals), Benjamin Toulotte (lyrics)

Engineers: Brandon Sousa, Hans Erickson, Ben Toulotte

Sample: “Rnb Pop Instrumental 1” – Mister B.

Recording Studio: Recorded on GarageBand in Butts B Study Lounge

The Uze

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Hanway and Ho: “Ain’t Druggin”

Wesley Ho (vocals), Jess Hanway (vocals)

Composer/Lyrics: Jess Hanway

Sample: “Thuggin” by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

Recording Studio: Green Street Art Center

Engineer: John Bergeron

Video: Jess Hanway feat. Maurice Hurd ’15

Title: “Ain’t Druggin”


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B’ry and the farm

Emmett McConnell (vocals)

Greg Shaheen (Vocals)

Composer (Spencer Tanaka, Greg Shaheen)

Engineer (Emmett McConnell, Spencer Tanaka)

Sample : “Last Call- Kanye West”

Studio: Butt B Study Room

Last Call (Feat. Grog the Frog)”


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“Tinder Love” – Updated Software

“Tinder Love” – Updated Software

Rich Imperatore (Vocals)

James Newmyer (Vocals)

Jesse Brooks (Vocals)

Composer: Ed Cobb (1965)

Lyrics: Updated Software (Augustin Vita, Ian Vazquez, Zach Gaitz, Jesse Brooks, James Newmyer, Rich Imperatore)

Sample: “Tainted Love” – Ed Cobb (Performed by Soft Cell, 1981)

Studio: Beta Theta Pi Chapter Room

Engineers: James Newmyer, Jesse Brooks, Rich Imperatore



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The Townies: “The World Is Theirs”

Verse 1 Vocals/Composer: Sam Gruppo

Verse 2 Vocals/Composer: Keith Buehler

Verse 3 Vocals/Composer: Thomas Hartnett

Sample: “The World Is Theirs” by  Nas

Recording Studio: Green Street Arts Center

Engineer: John Bergeron

Title: “The World Is Theirs” 

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José María Buendía: “Tu risa”

Voices and acoustic guitar: José María Buendía.

Bass and drums sequenced by José María Buendía.

Lyrics and music: José María Buendía.

Recorded with Pro Tools 8 and Mbox 2 Mini by José María Buendía.

“Tu risa”

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Dropouts in Hotwheels: “#PublicSchoolWoes”


Alyssa Murray (Synthesizer, Midi Drums, Composer, Engineer)

Mikaela Curtin (Sound clips, Mastering, Producer)

Sampled Clip (Chris Lilley: “Episode 4, Summer Heights High”)

Recorded/Produced in Senior Fauver 110


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The Grave and Reverend Seniors: “NESCAC Football”

NESCAC Football

Christopher Bonti ’13 (Lyrics, Vocals)

Daniel D’Arcy ’13 (Lyrics, Vocals)

Jonathan Lis ’13 (Lyrics, Vocals, Production)

Sampled Track: Adele: “Skyfall.” (Instrumental)

Recorded via Zoom Recorder at Club 231 (231A Pine Street)

Engineer: Jonathan Lis ’13

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“22 Answers” — The Cope ft. Mr. Saldy

Ben Hoynes (vocals, lyrics, production)

Nick Cooney (vocals, lyrics)

Matt Sorkin (vocals, lyrics)

Jon Dennett (vocals, lyrics)

Greg Kozemchak (vocals, lyrics)

Sampled Track: “21 Questions” by 50 Cent

Recorded in Butterfield A on GarageBand

22 Answers

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“Check It” – The Ol’ Stoned Deltas

The Ol’ Stoned Deltas – “Check It”


1) Eddie Holman – “I Love You”

2) Nas – “Heaven”

Engineer: Daniel Gordon, Shane Donovan

Studio: Delta Kappa Epsilon Library via external microphone/garage band


Daniel Gordon ’16: co-producer, editor, engineer

Shane Donovan ’16: lyrics, vocals

Vincent Davis ’15: lyrics, vocals

Ibraheem Khadar ’15: lyrics, vocals

Darien Abari: co-producer




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