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Boogie Night Sweat: “It’s Just Boogie Night Sweat”

Kendall Kinney: Rhythm guitar, lead synth, vocals

Chris Reed: Bass, MIDI drums, lead guitar, backing vocals

Neel Madala: Synth pads

Lyrics: Kendall Kinney, David Byrne

Composer: Kendall Kinney

Sound Engineers: Chris Reed, Kendall Kinney

Recorded in Chris Reed’s room on his laptop using Logic Pro.

“It’s Just Boogie Night Sweat”


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Zog and the Zogettes: “Introduction”



John Herzog, Hunter Reynolds, Patrick Glenn, Thomas Martello, Colin Malarchuk


John Herzog, Hunter Reynolds, Patrick Glenn, Thomas Martello, Colin Malarchuk

Engineered: Colin Malarchuk on GarageBand

Recorded in Middletown, CT

Electronic Sample:

100 Greatest Hip-Hop Samples of All-Time Countdown ALL ON 45!

0:00 – 2:57

DJ Funktual


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Neel Madala: “Just There”

Neel Madala (Bass, Guitar)

Clara Curbera (not in class) (Speech)

Drums from a series of drum loops.

Composer: Neel Madala

Recorded in my room in Westco using Logic Pro X, an SM57, and a Steinberg UR22.

Engineered by: Neel Madala

Just There

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Dirty Birdies: “Sweet Dreams (are made by us)”

Calvin Coffey: Guitar, Sound Engineer

Amy Breitfeller: Vocals

Jenny Aguiar: Piano

Composer: Eurythmics

Lyrics: Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)

Recorded In: CFA basement

Equipment: Phones/Computers

Acoustic cover of the Eurythmics classic. Dreams (are made of this) 1.m4a

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The Band Formerly Known As My Mom is Mad at Me Because I Snuck Out Last Night: “Sandwiches”

Stephen Rossetti(Guitar, Bass), Jude Lindberg(Vocals),  David Zajac(Drums), Philharmonia Orchestra(Trumpet)

Composer: Stephen Rossetti; Lyrics: Jude Lindberg

Recorded in the Usdan Music Room

Trumpet sample source  



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Earth of Foss: “Waves of Time”

Vocalist 1: Otto Bohan
Vocalist 2: Owen Ward
Vocalist 3: Cole Turpin
Vocalist 4: Dylan Kelley
Vocalist 5: Ethan Zeiger

Engineer/Composer: Ethan Zeiger

Recording Studio: 14 Fountain Avenue

Production Software: Logic Pro 9

Production Hardware: Korg Air MIDI Keyboard, Yeti Blue Microphone

Waves of Time is an original composition. In the piece, we discuss our lives as freshmen, juniors, seniors and onwards. of Time.mp4

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Ryan and the Tall Kids: Get Off of My Cloud Off Of My Cloud (Remake).m4a

Ryan Adler-Levine (vocals)

Nathan Krill (vocals, lyrics)

Joseph Kuo (vocals)

Jordan Sears (vocals)

Instrumental: “Get Off of My Cloud” by the Rolling Stones

Composer: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

Engineer: Justin Bergerson

Location of Recording: Writer’s Block (dorm room)


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Gil: “Untitled. Unmastered 09. 051617.(Low Rider Cover)”

Gilberto Garcia (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)

Dennis Kraus(Not in class, Cowbell, drums)

Composer and lyrics: War

Recorded at Usdan Rehearsal Rooms


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Kelsey and Matt “Gloria”

Kelsey Gordon (Vocals, Guitar)

Matt Forker (Guitar, Bass)

Composer: Van Morrison, Patti Smith

Lyrics: Van Morrison, Patti Smith

Recorded at Red Feather Studios in Middletown, CT

Engineered by Kelsey Gordon and Matt Forker

“Gloria” Radio Edit

“Gloria” Full Length Version

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Miles and Jahmir “Rare Candy”

Composer: Miles McLeod, Ahmad Jamal, Jahmir Duran-Abreu Lyrics: Jahmir Duran-Abreu. Sample: “What’s New” by Ahmad Jamal. Recorded in Miles McLeod’s home. Engineer: Miles McLeod. Rare Candy

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