Funk It

Vocalists: William Wu, Michael Jackson Lyrics: Jonathan Oh and William Wu Instrumental: Sampled “Beat it” By Michael Jackson and Guitar by Jonathan Oh Engineer: Roy Forys Recorded at Grant Hill Studios Funk It

Willy Wonka and the Groove Factory “Ode to Wesleyan”

Will Kearney (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Peyton Whitaker (Lead Vocals), Nick Taylor (Vocals, Set up the studio time), Nick Goodwin (Vocals), Ryan Gosiker (Vocals). Music: “Deal” by the Grateful Dead Composer: Jerry Garcia Lyrics: Nick Goodwin, Peyton Whitaker, Will Kearney, Nick Taylor, Ryan Gosiker Location- Red feather Studios Engineer- Matthew Forker Ode to Wesleyan (Song … Read moreWilly Wonka and the Groove Factory “Ode to Wesleyan”

Hudson Harriman-Smith: “Sweet Jane”

Hudson Harriman-Smith (Vocals, MIDI instruments) McPaul Smith (Bass) Composer: Lou Reed Lyrics: Lou Reed Recorded on Hudson’s laptop in Logic Pro X in his dorm room and Time To Burn studios in Montclair, NJ (an at-home recording studio). Engineer: Hudson Harriman-Smith Producer: Hudson Harriman-Smith Sweet Jane (In the style of Morphine with inspiration from Cowboy Junkies)