Lina and the Leaky Faucets – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Cover)

Lina (Lead Vocals, Piano) Ben (Backup Vocals, Drums) Kiki (Co-Producer, Bass) Phillip (Co-Producer, Backup Vocals) Harry (Co-Producer) Recording Studio: West Co 1 (Foss 1) Harry’s Room Engineer: Harry Slattery and Phillip Wong Composer: Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, George David Weiss Original Singer: Elvis Presley  

Class Sam Cooke Cover Band: “Wonderful Cartoon World”

Rodrigo San Roman  (Created/edited Music video, small edits to music, animations, filmed, actor) John Rodgers (Piano, bass, drums, recording, music editing, actor) Shuo Wang (Guitar, music editing, actor) Sample: Wonderful World, Sam Cooke (2 second clip) Recording Studio: Music Studio Room 015, recording was done by John and Shuo. Title fo our piece: Wonderful Cartoon … Read moreClass Sam Cooke Cover Band: “Wonderful Cartoon World”