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The Eco Facilitators: Be My Baby

Babe Howard (vocals, synth)

Sam Dewees (drum machine, producer)

Jake Rogers (guitar, bass)

Composers: Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector

Lyrics: Phil Spector

Recorded in Clark, Room 421

“Be My Baby”

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Helly’s Angels – Shake it Off


Chris Reed (vocals, organ, bass, guitar), Helly Manson (drums), Nadine Ng (violin)

Composers: Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback

Recorded using Garageband in Chris’ room, drums recorded in Usdan basement practice room.

Helly’s Angels – Shake it Off

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The Beach Boys: “Surfer Boy”

David Whitehouse (bass, vocals, production), Bryson Davis (guitar)
Composer: Brian Wilson; Lyrics: Brian Wilson (edited slightly by David Whitehouse and Bryson Davis)
Samples: Royalty free audience cheering, and a brief selection from a Beach Boys live performance

Surfer Boy

brian wilson

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Wonderful World (Jason Etenish and Isaiah) World ACC 1.m4a

Isaiah (Vocals), Jason (Vocals), Etenish(Vocals).

Electronic Sample: Sam Cooke, Wonderful World

Recording Studio: Green Street Arts Center

Lyrics: Jason Etenish Isaiah

Engineer: Jason Etenish Isaiah


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S.A.C.C.: Nottamun Town Midterm Project


Composer(s): Spencer Gooding, Anthony Muraco, Celia Joyce, Claire Graham

Sampled Music; Jean Ritchie, Nottamun Town (1949), recorded in Greenwitch Village, New York City, NY

Project Title/ Link; Nottamun City


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Sean Ross: Not Fade Away

Sean Ross: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

(Adam Manson: Bass, Dontay Downer: Drums)

Composer and Lyrics: Buddy Holly and Norman Petty

Recorded in USDAN Basement Jam Rooms

Edited and Engineered by Sean Ross using GarageBand

Not Fade Away

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Ibraheem Khadar – “Alien Funky Sax”

Ibraheem Khadar – producer

Composed at 126B Knowles Ave studio using Cubase

“Alien Funky Sax”

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On The Spot: “Second Semester Fire”

Theo Tydingco (Ukelele)

Michael Velasco (Vocals, Lyrics)

Cameron Daniels (Vocals)

Dhruv Yadav (Lyrics, Producer)

Wesleyan Music Studio

Second Semester Fire


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Mk-JAG: “Weak”

“Weak” Cover

Kadijah Matthews- Vocalist

Gernald Hawkins- Vocalist

Manyatta Berback- Vocalist

Jaylen Berry- production

Alondra Munoz- Critic

Sample from: “Weak”- SWV ; Composer: Brian Alexander Morgan

Recorded at Green St. Studios

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The Sweet Potatoes – “Stereo Mumbling”

Composer by Tyler Barnes. Engineered and Produced by Jeff Demango and Khephren Spigner. Recorded in Clark Hall.

The Sweet PotatoesStereo Mumbling 


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