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Blueface Babies: “Unconventional”

Composer(s): Zyaire Sterling, Corey Fausto, Ashton Scott, Daniel Banks, Isaiah Miller, Andre Lanton

Lyrics: Zyaire Sterling, Corey Fausto, Ashton Scott, Daniel Banks, Isaiah Miller, Andre Lanton

Sample(s): “Psycho” – Anthony Perkins, “Introduction” – XXXTENTACION, “The Explanation” – XXXTENTACION, “Welcome Voice” – Old Robot, “Girlfriend Catches Boyfriend Cheating And Destroys His Shoes!” – DailyHunnitHeffa, “Corey Fausto Catches Three Touchdowns For 129 Yards!” – Jamaal Street, “It’s About Damn Time (2012)” – LeBron James, “Huh” – Rick Ross, “Lost Ones” – Jay-Z & Chrisette Michele, “Final Game Farewell Speech” – Kobe Bryant

Place(s) of Recording: Butterfields Hall & Clark Hall

Engineer: Corey Fausto

Students Involved That Are in MUSC108-01: Daniel Banks, Corey Fausto, Andre Lanton, Ashton Scott


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Maybellene Mag

Editor/Layout- JR Atkinson

Contributors- Freya Strasburg, Lauren Shackman, Mitchell Patton, Riley Larsen, Samuel Serxner, Samson Dooley, Cameron Park, Benjamin Kaplan, Matt Chase, Spencer Robbins, Olivia Baglieri, Luke Dewees, Kalib Varela, Olivia Gracey, Giovanni Ortiz

Link to online version-

Maybellene Mag PDF

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Rock Hard: “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”

Alex Rogers (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass, Asst. Engineer)

Tomas O’Brien (Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Lead Engineer)

Composer: Bob Dylan, Alex Rogers, Tomas O’Brien

Lyrics: Bob Dylan

Recorded in Bennett 114, Macbook Pro, Garageband

Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right


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Peter and the Ankers, The House of the Rising Sun


Matt Beetham: Drums

Andrew McCracken: Guitar

Andrew Jacono: Guitar

Phillipe Bungabong: Vocals

Peter August Anker: coordinator, maker of album cover, assembling the group, producer.

Recorded at Red Feather Music Studio

Recording Engineer: Keizo Fish

Lyrics: Sinn Sisamouth

Cover of The Animals



The House of the Rising Sun


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SHAGA : “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” Remix it be Nice Final.mp4

Producer and engineer: Chloe Malushaga

Original Composers: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Tony Asher

Lyrics: Brian Wilson

Original Recording information: The instrumental track was recorded at Gold Star Studios on January 22, 1966. The performers were The Beach Boys (Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston). The session was engineered by Larry Levine and produced by Brian Wilson.

The music video is a compilation of different clips from YouTube videos I found. Here are the sources/the names of the videos:

Dope Lemon – Neon Lights (Unofficial music video)

Woman walking in wheat field at sunset

The Lumineers – Sleep on Floor

Bishop Briggs – River

ODESZA – Sun Models ft. Madelyn Grant

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home (official music video)

Old Surf Movies Pismo and Shell Beach

Dope Lemon – Honey Bones

Dope Lemon – Coyote

Kids Playing at Beach

Fazerdaze (Lucky Girl)


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Geoff’s Angels: “Ain’t That a Shame Cover”

Chris Textor: Vocals

Tucker Kelsch: Drum Kit

Christian Quiñones: Electric Guitar

Composers: Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. and Dave Bartholomew

Lyrics: Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr. and Dave Bartholomew

Recording Studio: Cheap sk8 Studios. Wallingford, CT. Mixed by Glenn Erdos

Title: Ain’t That a Shame Cover




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I.T.T.C.W.E. : The Sweet Blues

Coleton Reitan: Vocals

Kai Marcos: Lyrics, Vocals

Liam Rohan: Producer, Engineer

Wesley Fritch: Artwork

Walker Huff: General Coordinator, Artwork

Recorded in Bennet Hall Studios

Original Song: “Dust Bowl Blues” by Woody Guthrie

Sample: “The Sweet Escape” [instrumental] by Gwen Stefani

The Sweet Blues

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Ye Olde Methodists: “La Bamba (C minor)”

Peter Ryan (lead vocals, rythym guitar)

William Dempsey (lead guitar)

Jake Meyer (backup vocals)


Composers: Peter Ryan, William Dempsey, and Jake Meyer

Lyrics: Ritchie Valens


Recorded at 14B Warren St.

Sound Engineer: Jake Meyer


La Bamba (C minor)

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Harry Slattery : It’s Now or Never

Harry Slattery: It’s Now or Never

Guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals, engineer: Harry Slattery

Composers: Eduardo Di Capua, Aaron Schroeder

Lyrics: Aaron Schroeder, Wally Gold

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Lil Young Iceey: “Baby I Love You (Remix)”

Marcos Pinto-Leite (Vocals/production/composer)

Sampled: Baby I Love You – The Ronnettes

Recorded in a music studio practice room on a USB mic.

“Baby I Love You (Remix)”

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