1 thought on “No Game: “In The Tech””

  1. “girls? we ain’t got no girls.
    no chicks?
    god, just some big swangin’ dicks.
    what, some bsds?
    yeah, and no one to make my little guy sneeze. yeah, feel that?”

    Here’s a link to events sponsored by the FGSS Program that may interest you. Perhaps you could offer to do the music for one of their senior thesis presentations or perform this piece for a fundraiser.

    And bravo for your double entendre, letting the listener supply the appropriate interpretation:
    a. just [got] some big swangin’ dicks
    b. [we’re] just some big swangin’ dicks

    Either way, thanks for the insight into the complexities faced by male adolescents on our fine campus, and for boldly asserting your right to free speech in the classroom.

    On a more serious note: your chorus (“in the tech, where ugly chicks reign supreme”), while not a personal attack, and maybe offered in jest, could be taken as a mean-spirited attack on a group of individuals in our community. Consider easing up a bit on this strategy in the future.

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