Midterm Magazine: MGZN

Digital Edition: http://pub.lucidpress.com/MGZN15/ Text Editor: Theodora Messalas Art Editor: Sam Furnival Writers: Courtney Wiegand, Trinity Russell, Blake Valenzuela, Will Moss, Alex Kamisher, Davis Reid, Alec Corazzini, Andrew Jacobs , Alondra Munoz , Alison Mann, Greg Lyon, Nate Courville, James Wilson, Theodore Kim, Justin Goldman, Stefan Brown, Syed Ayman Kabir.

The Ringo Starrs “Pretty Big Burrito”

The Ringo Starrs “Pretty Big Burrito”   Gabe Tagliamonte (drums) , Josh Weiner (guitar), Gabriel Connelly (vocals), Nick Graves (bass), Charlie Gruner (back up vocals). Green Street Arts Center, John Bergeron (engineer) Travelling Man, Rick Nelson (composer)

Darshdeep and his Trio: “Love at First Swipe”

Ben Record – (Producer, Manager) Brandon Baker (Guitar, Vocals)  Ted Shadek (Bass) Darshdeep Hora (Drums) Jordan Tragash (Trombone) Original Composition: Brandon Baker, Ted Shattuck Lyrics: Ben Record, Jordan Tragash Recorded at Green Street Studios Engineer: John, Connor Schon “Love at First Swipe”    

MK-JAG: “Cry”

Manyata Berbick(vocalist), Kadijah Matthews(vocalist), Gernald Hawkins Jr.(Rapper), Alondra Munoz(Critic), Jaylen Berry(Director and Beat Producer); Green St. Recording Studio Lyrics: Etta James (All I Could Do Was Cry)  

Statesboro Blues

Cover of Statesboro Blues Originally Composed by Blind Willie McTell Katie Solomon- Vocals Gwen Rosen – Vocals & Cello Erin McGrath – Vocals & Guitar Jessica Carlson – Video Production & Editing Recorded in separated tracks in Garage Band, mixed by Katie, Gwen and Erin.

“Wes Wings Tonight”

Ian Chabot- Vocals, Production Ryan Flippin- Vocals, Production Andres Rodriguez- Vocals, Production Sean Regan- Production, videography Original Song- “Afternoon Delight”- Starland Vocal Band “Wes Wings Tonight“