The Republicans: “Hungry Heart”

Chris Alvanos (Lead Vocals), Dave Amrhein (Backup Vocals), Vinny DeLalla (Backup Vocals), Grant Giordano (Backup Vocals). All group members made contributions to the lyrics and video. Backtrack taken from Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart”. Recorded at Green Street. “Hungry Heart”

Nam Anh Ta ’12 and Toan Tran’09: “Great circle of Vietnam”

Vocal: Nam Anh Ta ’12

Guitar: Toan Tran ’09 (not in the class)

Composers: Trinh Cong Son

Lyricists: Trinh Cong Son (Vietnamese), Richard Fuller (English)

Records at room studio.

“Great circle of Vietnam”

About the song:

Written by Trinh Cong Son, “Bob Dylan of Vietnam” according to Joan Baez, the song first appeared in the escalating years of the Vietnam war, around late-1960. It was written and sang by a person from the South about the union of the country and the people of the North and the South. Ironically, it is not the intention of the Southern administration but of the Northern one.

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The Get By’s: “Cannabis”

Sam Tureff (Vocals) Ben Fitzelle (Percussion, Mixing, Sampling) Sam Douglas (Guitar) Composers: Sam Douglas and Ben Fitzelle Lyrics: Sam Tureff Song samples “Sun is Shining” by Bob Marley All recording done on Apple’s GarageBand at Wesleyan University and our homes. “Cannabis” by the Get By’s

Big Nick: “Always Intact”

Nick Sanders (vocals), Composer: Nick Sanders, Lyrics: Nick Sanders.  “Gucci Bandana”  Originally composed and performed by Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, & Shawty Lo.  Sample for Bone Thugs & Harmony’s “For the Love of Money”. “Always Intact”