Rock and R&B Throughout The Ages Magazine (2024)

Rock and R&B Throughout The Ages Magazine Editors: Annabelle Miller, Macie Carlos, Lance Gartrell, Aria Trotta Writers: Emmett Favreau, Jack Williamson, Jenna Guglielmi, Greta Armbrust, Wilder Perkins, Owen Lichtman, Aiden Nelson, Marco Ku, Kerenza Leahey, Lennon Favreau, Jeramiah Trout,Luna Kwon, Melanie Glatter, Taji Duncan, Jonah Timmons, Lane Durkin, Jacob Pofsky, Matt D’Annunzio, Alex Demis, Drew … Read more

HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

Lachlan Simmers (Vocalist, Performer, Editor, Song Writer), Liam McCarthy (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Will Hansen (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Devin Prettyman (Vocalist Performer, Song Writer), Composer: Bart Howard; Electronic Sample: Fly Me To The Moon, by Evita HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

The Look: Origional Beat and Dance

Alex Guttman(Producer), Kofi McFadgion(Choreographer) Sample: The Look of Love by Stan Getz(1968) can be found in the Spotify class playlist titled 108_Copyright

Chase Vaughan: Drum covers

Chase Vaughan: (Drums, editor, producer.) Sample: Call it Stormy Monday, T-Bone Walker. Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry. Devil In Her heart, The Beatles. Studio: Usdan Music Room B27. Drum covers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s