DTE – Wishful Thinking

Dario Highsmith: Lyricist, Vocalist, Producer, Engineer Spencer Potter: Lyricist,Vocalist Justin Cabral: Lyricist Chase Pratt: Vocalist Woanyen Mahn: Lyricist, Producer, Vocalist Sample: The Impressions (with Curtis Mayfield)- People Get Ready Edited in FL Studio Recorded at: Wesleyan Studios DTE-Wishful Thinking

Johnnie Gilmore: “Petty Theft”

Johnnie Gilmore (bass). Composer/Engineer: Johnnie Gilmore. I wanted to write a song in the style of Chet Atkins; Chet called it “petty theft” when musicians would steal ideas from one another or influence each other. Recorded on my laptop/Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 in the Music Studios basement. Petty Theft

Brother Green: “Octopus’s Garden”

Brother Green: “Octopus’s Garden” Michael Friedrich (Vocals and Guitar) Gili Lipman (Sound Engineer) Performed at our house on GarageBand “Octopus’s Garden” Cover- The Beatles, “Abbey Road” (1969)-Apple Records

Three Strikes and You’re Out: “Whalen Win Era”

Jeremy Epstein (Vocals), Jordan Stone (Vocals), Beau Butler (Vocals)  Composer: Jeremy Epstein, Beau Butler, Jordan Stone, and Matt Kuhn lyrics: Jeremy Epstein, Matt Kuhn, Jordan Stone, Beau Butler Samples: UOENO by Rocko and Composed by Rick Ross, Future, and Rocko Uber Everywhere by MadeinTYO Composed by MadeinTYO Wesleyan University Football vs Bowdoin College 2012 produced by WesPreGame composed … Read more