Darreyl W- Dirty Diana (Cover)

Darreyl Williams: Vocalist and Producer Recorded On garage band and iMovie on my laptop, in my Bedroom recording studio. I made a cover version of the Song Dirty Diana by Micheal Jackson. Original instrumental and Lyrics By Micheal Jackson Darreyl Williams -Dirty Diana (cover)

Lucas Cereijido, Adam Manson-Poly 2

  The name of the group: Lucas Cereijido, Adam Manson (not in this class) The name of the piece recorded: poly2 How it was recorded (e.g. laptop): laptop, live instruments Your name: Lucas Cereijido Your role in the group and exactly what you did: played drums, chopped and mixed song together https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UlHcmCSstvJ_xHEkdolKMfJaiGxSGYQz/view?usp=sharing


Akash Bhide (Vocals and Sound Production)

Composer: Akash Bhide

Lyrics: Akash Bhide

Nothing sampled, original with some inspiration from our dearly beloved COVID-19.

Produced in GarageBand in Akash’s bedroom.


Prestige Worldwide: “Little Richard Tribute”

“Little Richard Tribute” Vocalists:  Brinton Thomas, Mason Von Jess, Matty Gill, & Pat Doherty Producer: Justin Hazard Audio Engineer: Nick Daly Instrumentals Used: “6 Foot 7 Foot” by Lil Wayne, “THE SCOTTS” by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, “Knock Knock” by Mac Miller, and “Type Beat 2018-2019 Instrumental” from Dinamico Beatz on SoundCloud Recording Studio: … Read more