Ice Jones

“Ice Jones” -Ice Jones and the Robot Rock Lyrics/vocals – Cam maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Filming – Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Video Editing – Cam Maloni, Conor Veeneman, Brian Studwell Audio Editing – Cam Maloni Featuring music from “Mr. Jones” by Mike Jones IZE Records Ice Jones (Low-Res version)

Interview with King George and The Royal Family

Interview with King George and The Royal Family Interview conducted by Sean Manning Cameraman: Sean Manning Video Editor: Sean Manning via MacBook Pro + Adobe Premier Band: King George and The Royal Family – The King George Brady (Keyboard, Vocals) [’09]; The Prince William Franklin (Lead Guitar) [’09]; The Duke of Dance Alex Moris (Vocals) … Read more

Access Granted: Behind The Gift

Parody of Making the Band; Preview before the final music video. Big Diddle (Stanley Grayson), Simien Fox (Steven Tolbert), Jennifer Matthews (A. Bebè), Jade (Tamar Charles), Katalina (Katerli Batista), Danja (Latasha Alcindor), Hype Martinez-cameraman (Pedro Vargas). Background Music: “O Fortuna”, Carl Orff. {”O Fortuna” is a poem from Carmina Burana, a collection of Latin poems … Read more

Dirty John and His Vine St. Band “Low Point Joe”

Low Point Joe Joe Del Visco – Guiarist, Lyricist Teddy Citrin – Vocal, Lyricist, Editor John Froats – Photography, Sound Check Nick Ajello – Photography Matt Ward – Organizer/Producer Gavin Brennan – Commentator Conor Malangone – Photographed Lead Singer, Head of Equipment Dj Bernatavitz – Lyrics, Coordinator Covered Song: Hard Time Killing Floor Blues, Chris … Read more