It’s All Natural: “Don’t Want You Texting Me”

Daniel Conroy (Trumpet, Backup Vocals, Lyrics), Kyle Baicker-McKee (Didgeridoo, Lyrics), Damian Privitera (Vocals, Lyrics). Backing Track Sampled from “Never Gonna Give You Up”, by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, Pete Waterman. Trumpet Solo Composed by The Gorillaz. Didgeridoo part composed by Kyle Baicker McKee.Recorded in High Rise. Engineer: Damian Privitera.

“Don’t Want You Texting Me”

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Quest: “Keep On Walkin'”

Claire Hunter (Lead Vocals), Leah Coe, Izzy Jacobs, Maggie Lile, Allie Lynch (Backup Vocals), Laurel Sticklor (Keyboard, Keyboard Bass and Drums). Composer: Journey (Based on the song “Don’t Stop Believin”). Lyrics: Jen Spero, Talia Bernstein, and Leah Coe.

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergernon

Keep On Walkin’

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