Ham Hanes

Shane Donovan:(Lyricist, Vocalist, Sound Engineer, and Producer) Jake Siciliano:(Lyricist,and Vocalist) Greg Blaize:(Lyricist,and Vocalist) Edgar Bright: (Producer, Sound Engineer) Ham Hanes

T-$tacks: “My Paper”

  Tory Vazquez (Vocals) Lyrics: Tory Vazquez Composer: YG featuring Rich Homie Quan and Young Jeezy; Def Jam Recordings Sample: “My Nigga (Instrumental)”–YG featuring Rich Homie Quan and Young Jeezy Recording Studio: Green Street Studio Engineer: John Bergeron My Paper  

Dichotomy: “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat (Cover)”

Delilah Cervantes: Bass, drums, vocals Tanya Horwitz: Lead vocals Simon Wright: Recording engineer, producer, backup vocals Composer: Death Grips Lyrics: Death Grips Green Street Studios Lead Engineer: John Bergeron You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your leopard skin pillbox hat (Cover)

Hangover Special: A Morning After Song

Chris Hart (vocals) Ted Bergman (vocals/sound engineer) Danny Rubenstien (vocals) Eric Jasinski (vocals) Dylan Hoy (vocals) Composer: Everyone wrote all their own lyrics Studio: Nics 6209 Engineer: Group effort led by Ted Bergman A Morning After Song

But, Coach: “Lola” Music Video

David Murphy: Actor/Scene Selection Christian Kennedy: Camera Operator Michael Giambanco: Artistic Designer of Signs/Wardrobe Remy Lieberman: Audio/Video Editor Sample: “Lola” by The Kinks Composer: Ray Davies Inspired by video for Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” Recorded: BTP Studios  “Lola” by But, Coach

JGB: “Ordinary People” [cover]

Julien Bell (piano, vocals), Gianya Breland (vocals), Ben Keeshin (vocals). Composers: John Legend, Williams Adams; Lyrics: John Legend, William Adams Arrangement: Julien Bell, Gianya Breland, Ben Keeshin Engineer: John Bergeron “Ordinary People”    

Magazine “Be Major”

Magazine “Be Major” Editor: Kevin Winnie Layout & Design: Rashid Epps and Annalee Holmdahl Cover Art & Design: Rebecca Tom Writers: Anthony Arias, Daniel Cohen, Allyson Feitler, Martin Gschwentner, Caleb Haddad, Harry Rafferty, Noah Selman, Max Shafer-Landau, Peter Stratis, Alexa Wheeler   Be Major Magazine (midterm)    

Deep Jew Something: “Dinner At Summerfields”

Madelaine Hellman (vocals), Sam Rudovsky (vocals, piano) and Jake Roberts (vocals, guitar). Composer: Todd Pipes; Lyrics: Madelaine Hellman, Sam Rudovsky, and Jake Roberts. Video Editing: Madelaine Hellman Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Engineer: John Bergeron Dinner At Summerfields

NSM: “We’re Going to Be Friends”

  Ari Lewenstein (Mandolin, Vocal), Ariel Kaluzhny (Guitar, Vocal), Margaux Sica (keyboard, vocal, maraca), Alanah Hall (Xylophone, maraca, vocal) Composer: Jack White, Meg White Lyrics: Jack White Recorded at Wesleyan Recording Studio with engineer Jack Lewis We’re Going to Be Friends