Two and Half Wrestlers: “Youth”

James Kellner (Vocals, made beat) Joseph Koshakow (Vocals) Chris Siracusa (Vocals).

The two poems we used were We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks and Laughter, by Conrad Aiken

Title of the piece is “Youth


You whom these eyes, no longer mine,

shall see in the mirror’s flash and shine,

meagre of face and pale of cheek,

Pale mouth, and lines that sadness speak:

All the grey shipwreck of this me

Who look upon you and laugh for glee,

Mocking at you, poor feeble thing

We real cool

We left school

We lurk late

We strike straight

We sing sin

we thin gin

we jazz june

we die soon

Scorning the young life that can tun,

Scorning the fierce life that can fight,

And drooling wisdom day by day,

Presuming you to point the way:

Here are my eyes upon you, now,

Colder than stars to see your brow,

A stronger grip that yours can stand.