Vinny and The Mobsters- Please Mr. Postman (Original)

Please Mr. Postman (Original) – Vinny and The Mobsters Vinny Roman (Vocals and Production), AJ Karabenick (Vocals, Lyrics, and Production), Chris Coll (Vocals and Production), and Declan Semler (Vocals, Lyrics, and Production). An original take on “Please Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes (instrumental used). Made using garage band, recorded inside of 15 Fountain.

American Peanut

Beats Tura (guitarist and vocalist) Cam Devenney (guitarist) featuring Lennon Favreau and Kerenza Leahey (vocals) Title: American Pie Composer and Lyrics: Don McLean Record Label: Capital Artists

Take It Easy – BAK

Brooke Nelson (Vocals), Alix Riley (Vocals), Kiara Tangney (Vocals). Cover of “Take It Easy” by The Eagles. Directed by: Brooke Nelson. Editing by: Alix Riley and Kiara Tangney. Composer: The Eagles. Guest Starring: Julia, Molly, Grant, DJ. Music recorded at 231A Pine Street. Video recorded at and around 231A Pine Street.

HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

Lachlan Simmers (Vocalist, Performer, Editor, Song Writer), Liam McCarthy (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Will Hansen (Vocalist, Performer, Song Writer), Devin Prettyman (Vocalist Performer, Song Writer), Composer: Bart Howard; Electronic Sample: Fly Me To The Moon, by Evita HAM!: “Fly Me To Typhoon”

DynamicDuo: “You Send Me”

Bizzy Katz (Vocalist, Videographer) and Cole Bryant (Guitarist, Editor, Producer.) Cover of “You Send Me,” composed and performed by Sam Cooke Filmed in Fauver Apartment Basement

Don’t Mess With My Fries – BAK

Brooke Nelson (Vocals), Alix Riley (Vocals), Kiara Tangney (Vocals). Cover/remake of “Don’t Mess With My Man” by Irma Thomas. Lyrics: Kiara Tangney. Editing: Alix Riley. Music recorded at 231A Pine Street . Sample: “Don’t Mess With My Man” by Irma Thomas.