Actors: Max Morton, Carla Combastet, and Graham Ferguson Camera: Stefano Canavesio Editing: Graham Ferguson and Stefano Canavesio Song in the music video: “Computer Love” by Kraftwerk Inspired by Andalusian Dog by Luis Bunuel Editing software: Final Cut Pro X  Link:

Church Street: “Mud”

Jazmin Davis: Vocals Elle Feigin: Lyricist Shane Kleber: Guitar and Vocals Kathy Liang: Art and Animation Ethan Park: Vocals, Production, Lyricist Natalie Williams: Art and Animation Composers: Jazmin Davis, Shane Kleber, and Ethan Park Lyrics: Elle Feigin and Ethan Park Audio Engineer: Ethan Park Recorded in 200 Church with Logic Pro X. “Mud”  

Sadie, Mira, Eliza, and Eli: Eleanor Rigby Cover

Sadie Cook (Vocals), Mira Begg (Vocals), Eliza Austin (Guitar/Producer/Engineer/Cover Art), Eli Susman (Guitar/Vocals). Composer: Paul McCartney and John Lennon; Lyrics: The Beatles. Butterfields C 230, Eliza’s room. Song link: Cover Art:      

Bessie and The Baes: “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Joby Levit (vocals), KG Morton (vocals, piano, horns, strings), Max Ewing (guitar), Amanda Schenkman (graphics).  Composer: Sam Cooke. Recorded in Butterfields A and Clark Hall.Production: Max Ewing and KG Morton A Change Is Gonna Come (Cover)Link: