Welcome to the 80s

Lincoln “Link Dog” Turner (Lyricist), Langston “LorWoode” Woody (Lyricist) , & Judeley Jean “Truey Judes” Charles (Lyricist & Producer) Sample from Good Times by Chic Welcome to the 80s: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YZUWnHhfE96LG5sGlJLdU_KNE7k3LF5p/view


Jeferson Lantigua (Music Producer) & Gabriela Tejada (Video Editor) SAMPLES: “Hung Up” by Madonna, “Frikitona” by PlanB, “Run” by Jacidorex, and “Amen, Brother” by The Winstons Music Video (2:00) FLASH WARNING!!! — Reduced quality on larger screens Audio (3:54)

Dank Jammers: “Rock Down to Fountain Avenue”

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I4cWcA3FrEN6Et666cALG6EOTM_hS6Rj/view?usp=share_link Sampled Electric Avenue by The Jamaican Reggae Band covered by the Dank Jammers. Andrew Skibniewski – vocalist and producer; Braden Myers – vocalist, editor and producer; Samuel Jean – songwriter, vocalist and producer

Beastie Babes: Fight For Your Right

Rachel Zimmerman (Editing/Acting/Directing), Katie Powers (Filming/Directing/Acting). This is a spin-off of the music video for “Fight for Your Right” Beastie Boys. (1986). Fight for Your Right. Recorded by Beastie Boys; Produced by Rick Rubin. On Licensed to Ill. New York, NY: Def Jam Recordings. Fight For Your Right Music Vid

2023 Final Magazine

Editors: Evan Van Lonkhuyzen, Zack Burd, Lucas Ruehlemann, Ravi Kalan, Jake Lundberg, John Tauber, Lily Barnes Writers: Billy Baumstark, Brenden Rochelle, Caleb Reynolds, Caroline Mezias, Connor Sullivan, Dajonique Small, Diamond Braddy, Eesha Misra, Georgia Mackie, Grace Arrese, Grace Bell, Grace Dennis, Haihan Wang, Javier Orellana, Kellen Fitzgerald, Kevin Sanchez, Kiernan McColgan, Luca Coletta, Marcus Jang, … Read more