BLZN- Stand By Me (The Remix)

Robert Echeverria (Vocals) Romaine Hall (Additional Vocals) Beat: Robert “El Rey” Echeverria Sampled: Ben E. King, Stand By Me. Ben E. King (vocals). Composer: Ben E. King (lyrics), music based on the spiritual Lord, Stand By Me. Producers: Leiber and Stoller. Recorded 10/60, NY. Atlantic. R&B #1, Pop #4. Atlantic Rhythm and Blues, 1947-1974. 1985. … Read more

Vat of Bourbon: IM Blues

Bram Verdoes (Vocals) Phil Bowman (Vocals) Music From: Tom Waits: Way Down In The Hole Ralph Carney – saxes Michael Blair – percussion Marc Ribot – guitar Greg Cohen – bass Lyrics by: Bram Verdoes and Phil Bowman Recording Done At:Green Street Art Studios by John Bergernon Presenting the: IM Blues