Dylan DellaValle : “Persevere”

Dylan DellaValle – Vocalist, song writer, producer Lyrics written by Dylan DellaValle Instruments from a sample of Lil Dicky’s television show “Dave.” Original Sample is called “John’s Gone” from the show. Recorded at DellaValle Household Studios Technology: GarageBand on laptop Song: “Persevere” – Dylan DellaValle

Jifang Lu: “Què Qiáo Huì” (鹊桥汇)

Jifang Lu (vocal, bird whistle), Clara Babbott-Ward (guitar) Composer and Lyrics: Wowkie Zhang (大张伟) Studio: my basement; GarageBand on my laptop Cover of “Què Qiáo Huì” (鹊桥汇), roughly translated as “Meeting at the Magpie Bridge” by the Flowers (花儿乐队) The song’s chorus draws inspiration from an older operatic Chinese piece.

David Estevez- My Girl (Cover)

Role: Producer and Vocalist Song: My Girl by The Temptations I recorded the song on my laptop using GarageBand. In this project, I did a cover of My Girl by The Temptations.   David Estevez- My Girl (Cover)  

Marchand x Brick: “Quarantine Drip”

Owen Brickley (Verse 1 and 2, Chorus 1), Connor Marchand (Verse 3, Chorus 2); Lyrics: Owen Brickley and Connor Marchand; Sample of “Ric Flair Drip” prod: Metro Boomin; Recorded on MacBooks; Help with mixing done by Jack Corbeil aka TDB. Quarantine Drip