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No Game: “In The Tech”

Nice-T (Garage Band Engineer, Vocals), Steve Hauser (Vocals), Simone Plummer (Background vocals).  Composer and Lyrics: Nice-T and Steve Hauser.  Produced and Recorded with Garage Band (2/28/08)

In The Tech

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GameSpeed: “The Night Before”

Jeffrey Lamborn (vocals, Garage Band engineer), Julian Sonnenfeld (vocals, producer, album artwork). Composer: Better Than Ezra. Lyrics: Jeffrey Lamborn & Julian Sonnenfeld.

Original music from “Good” by Better Than Ezra (Karaoke – Classic Male Pop – Vol. 23)

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The All-American Plumbers: “Down in the Water”

Steven Rebh (keyboard, bass, drum programming, producer, GarageBand engineer), Andrew Dominguez (lyricist, vocals), Tyler Chapin (vocals, lyricist), Anthony Marsella (producer, GarageBand engineer), Alissondra Fourney (additional percussion, album cover, groupie), Andrew Fiola (tambourine, lyricist, manager). Music by CCR.

Down in the Water

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Gary Chance: “Baby I’m Gone”

Nas and Mobb Deep (vocal), Led Zeppelin (instrumental).
Composer: Led Zeppelin, Gary Chance, and Harrison Schaaf.
Sampled Led Zeppelin’s “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”.
Sound and recording engineers: Harrison Schaaf and Ian Johnson.

Baby I’m Gone

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Rattle Snake Jake: “Big Mama Blues”

Vocals (R.S. Jake), Rhythm Guitar (R.S. Jake), Lead Slide Guitar (R.S. Jake), Acoustic Guitar BODY SHOTS (R.S. Jake), Composed by (R.S. Jake), Produced by (Jake Leiber of Too Hot To Trot Records)

Big Mama Blues

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Fresh Fish Filet: “The Tech”

Josh Corson (vocals), Jeremy Ng (vocals). Composer and Lyrics: Josh Corson and Jeremy Ng.Recorded on 2/28 using Garage Band.

The Tech

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Propeciasaurus Rex: “Pass This On”

Liana Hernandez (Vocals), Davee Knapp (Keyboard), Collin McMichael (Bass). Music and lyrics by The Knife.

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron.

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Max Slater: “Myne Humps”

Composer, male and female vocals: Max Slater. Based on the song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Myne Humps

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Caitlin Smith and the Somethings: “Literacy Blues”

Jeremy Klopman (Guitar, bass, saxophone), Caitlin Quigley (vocals). Composed by Jeremy Klopman. Lyrics by A-Trp. Lyrics adapted from a Chris Rock joke (about 50 seconds in).

Recorded in CFA Lab and 58 Home Ave

Literacy Blues

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The Wealth of Nations: “Adam Smith, Pt. 2”

Gabe Gordon (keyboard), Dakota Gardner (lead vocal), Jon Myers (drums, electric bass), Nic Yulinsky (lyricist, producer). Composers: Nic Yulinsky, Gabe Gordon, Dakota Gardner, Jon Myers.

Recorded 2/25 Green St. Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergeron.

Adam Smith, Pt. 2

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