Nick Moutinho and the Big Nüdles: “High Rise Blues”

Dan Berkowitz (Composer, Guitar), Nick Moutinho (Lyrics, Vocals), Max Ornstein (Composer, Drums), Dan Charness (Bass, BG Vocals).

Recorded at Psi Upsilon Studios. Produced by Dan Charness.

High Rise Blues

2 Comments »2008: spring (midterm)

2 Responses to “Nick Moutinho and the Big Nüdles: “High Rise Blues””

  1. nmoutinho Mar 2nd 2008 at 01:44 pm 1

    Dan Charness also laid down the baseline and BG vocals. Written by Nick Moutinho, performed with smelly friends in mind.

  2. jfrancisco Mar 3rd 2008 at 01:39 am 2

    excellent guitar! awesome song

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