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Last Call – Know Your Name

Natasha Yeracaris (Vocals), Tim Dodds (Vocals), Austin Woolridge (Producer)

Composer: Austin Woolridge

Lyrics: Natasha Yeracaris

Recorded On Garageband

Engineer: Austin Woolridge (Using Fruity Loops)

Know Your Name

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Baltimore Beer: The Storm Chaser

Thom Beckwith (guitar), Rose Agger (cello, vocals). Composed by: Thom Beckwith and Rose Agger. Recorded at Green Street Arts Center in Middletown, CT

The Storm Chaser

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Almond Dust: Bi’s and Tri’s

Maciej Radkowski (Vocals) Justin Freres (Vocals) Jared Smith (Vocals) Ryan Coffey (Vocals) Nick Ferris (Editor)

Andrew Jaycoxe (Director) Instrumental by Kid Cudi “Day and Night”

Bi’s and Tri’s

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Hanhica: “On My Own”

Hanh Le (vocals, guitar, lyrics, composer) Monica Fuhrmann (guitar, lyrics, composer). Recorded with Garage Band. “On My Own”

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Swede Ass: “Return of the Clap”

Mike Palladino (Volcals, Producer), Bryan Wieland (Vocals, Lyrics), JJ Evans (Vocals, Lyrics), Ryan Walsh (Songwriter, Lyrics, Scott Burns (Vocals, Lyrics), John Wierzba (Vocals, Lyrics). Sample Music: Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.” as taken from, Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. “Return of the Clap.”

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Ben and Andy: “Windows Stained with Rain”

Ben Rose (Bass), Andy Werle (Guitar, vocals).  Composers: Ben and Andy.  Lyrics: Andy Werle. Recorded in Butt C, Andy’s room.  Garageband engineer: Andy Werle.

Windows Stained with Rain

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Jermweezy and the Jeffersons: “Straighten Up and Fly Right (Remix)”

Jeremy Hudson (Vocals), Nastassia Williams (Vocals), Matt Nevin (Vocals), Anthony Flores (Vocals).  Lyrics: Jeremy Hudson, Nastassia Williams, Matt Nevin, Anthony Flores.  Recorded at Green Street Arts Center (Middletown, CT), engineered by John Bergeron.

Straighten Up and Fly Right

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Kurtrude – Pass Heeme

guitar/composer – Nigel Stacey

recorded at green street.

Pass Heeme

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The Whiskey Richards – “Blackout Blues”

Alexander Levey ( music, lyrics, vocals, piano), Skye Logiudice (music, lyrics, vocals), Brendan Cleary (harmonica, Garage Band engineer), Gabriel Gonzalez-Kreisberg (bongos), Joseph White (drums, Garage Band engineer), Beverly Fong (guitar, back-up vocals), Lindsey Kelleher (back-up vocals, Garage Band engineer), Dana Gal (back-up vocals), Christopher Choi (photographer). Recorded in the Usdan Music Room.

The Whiskey Richards – Blackout Blues

Photo Essay of the Whiskey Richards at work (click here for a slideshow)

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Sex Panther – “Take it Easy”

Alex Miller (Vocals, Keyboard), Drew Hudson (Vocals, Guitar), Joey Schindler (Vocals, Electronic Drum Kit). Composed and originally performed by The Eagles. Recorded in Fauver Residence Hall, Wesleyan University, CT. Odion Records. Garageband editing by Joey Schindler and Drew Hudson. Audio samples from “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”.

Take it Easy

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