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Timur Khanachet – Love Minus Zero/No Limit

Timur Khanachet (Guitar, Vocals) Composer: Bob Dylan Lyrics: Bob Dylan  Recorded on Garageband in my room.

Love Minus Zero/No Limit

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The Gift – “Get Wit Me”

Pedro Vargas, Latasha Alcindor, Katerli Batista, Tamar Charles, Stanley Grayson,  Jennifer Matthews, Steven Tolbert

Get Wit Me

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Andy Werle: “Premise Beach” (instrumental)

Andy Werle (guitar, bass, drum programming), Composer: Andy Werle

Recorded in Butterfield 221 using Garage Band.

Premise Beach

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Jermweezy and the Jeffersons ft Oliver Twisted: “Late Night Munchies”

Nastassia Williams (vocals/lyrics), Anthony Flores (vocals/lyrics), Matt Nevin (vocals/lyrics), Jeremy Hudson (vocals/lyrics) featuring Jamil Alexis (vocals/lyrics/producer).  Beat composed by Robert Echeverria.  Recorded on Garage Band.

“Late Night Munchies”

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Drain Bamage!: “A Day in the Life of a Zoombini”

Lindsey Grimes- Vocals

Mike Inkles- Keyboard

Jake Lane- Bass

Lexi Malouta- Vocals

Zach Tausanovitch- Guitar

Music and lyrics: all of us

Recording: Green Street Arts Center

A Day in the Life of a Zoombini

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J. Velvet – All Wheel Drive (A Satire of Modern R&B)

Beat by Flawless RNB

Vocals by Josh Smith (aka J. Velvet)

Lyrics and Arrangement by Josh Smith

Recorded and Engineered by Josh Smith in Down 2 Lab

All Wheel Drive (A Satire of Modern R&B)

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aM Laboratory: “Pragmatic”

Joseph White: Composer, Mix Master

aM Laboratory: “Pragmatic”

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Kurtrude: “Sucio”

Nigel Stacey: Guitar

Composers: Guns N Roses, Derek & the Dominoes, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Eric Johnson.

Arrangement: Nigel Stacey


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Tom Foolery & The Corners: Hemlock and Honey

Myles Potters: Trumpet, Recording, Sound Editing, Mastering

Sam Long: Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics

Sonya Freeman: Vocals, Lyrics

“Hemlock & Honey”

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Sunny-Side-Up: “Unforgettable 2009”

Unforgettable 2009

Sean Manning (Vocals, Final Cut Express 4 engineer, Photographer), Ana Soto (Vocals,  Photographer).

Studio: Green Street Arts Center

Sound Engineer: John Bergeron (Green Street) <Logic Pro 8>

Producer: Paul Edwards (Green Street) <Logic Pro 8>

Original music from “Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole. 1991.

LP: Unforgettable… With Love. Label: Elektra. Producer: Tommy LiPuma.

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