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The Clichés- “That Love Song”

Nina Gerona (vocals)

Andrew Heimowitz (guitar)

Composer: Gerona/Heimowitz

Recorded in Westco room 2111

Studio Engineer: Connor McElwee

Song Lyrics

Chorus- Gerona/Heimowitz

Hey Jude- Lennon/McCartney

Wonderful Tonight- Eric Clapton

Let’s Spend the Night Together- Jagger/Richards

Roxanne- Sting

Wouldn’t It Be Nice- Wilson/Asher/Love

I Want To Hold Your Hand- Lennon/ McCartney

Mrs. Robinson- Paul Simon

Foxy Lady- Hendrix

You Shook Me All Night Long- Brian Johnson

Alejandro- Germanotta/ Khayat

I’m a Slave 4 U- Williams/ Hugo

Like a Virgin- Steinberg/Kelly

Candy Shop- Jackson


Video Footage from Youtube

M83- We Own the Sky

Bon Iver- Calgary

Miami Horror- Sometimes

Taylor Swift- Love Story

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness

50 cent- Candy Shop

“That Love Song”

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Gimme The Hood Back

Sebastian Aguirre (Vocals)

Composed by Sebastian Aguirre

Lyrics: Sebastian Aguirre

Recorded and Produced in the CFA

Sample of Atmosphere’s “Always Coming Back Home To You”

“Gimme the hood back”

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Sexy As Funk: “U.S. Renegade”

Julian Basurto (bass, background vocals)

Kirby Neaton (trumpet, background vocals)

Zak Malik (drums, vocals)

Composition: Julian Applebaum, Julian Basurto, Kirby Neaton, Zak Malik

Lyrics: Zak Malik

Recorded & Produced at Green St.

Title of Piece: “U.S. Renegade”


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Amplitude Music Magazine

Amplitude Music Magazine – Open publication through Issuu online publishing.

WesFiles link: Amplitude – WesFiles

Head Project Manager : David Bales

Layout & Magazine Design : Demi Char, Robert Rotaru

Editor : Jalen Alexander
Writers : Jeffrey Arace, David Bales, Ana Castro, Naomi Hecht, Tyler Huntsinger, Josh Kule, Eden Levin, Melissa Luning, Ian McCarthy, Clara Neilson, Shiny Park, Mujaahida Shakur, Donovan Suh, Erik Yan

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The Munchies: Late Night Keeps it Hot

Annie Maxwell (Vocalist, Lyricist)

Michael DeLalio (Video Production, Video Editing)

Eric Wilson (Vocalist)


Drop it Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams

Composed and Written by: Snoop Dogg, Chad Hugo, Calvin Broadus, Pharrell Williams

Recorded 3/3/12 at Green Street Arts Center

Sound Engineer: John Bergeron

Late Night Keeps it Hot


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The Bowling Team: “Rock & Bowl”

David Stouck (Vocalist, Lyricist, Audio Engineer)

Anthony Hanna (Music Production)

Jason Reitman (Harmonica, Interlude Workings)

Christopher Roth (Background Vocals, Content Research)

James Wilson (Video Production, Video Editing)

Danilo Perez-Vides (Video Production, Video Editing)


Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

Hound Dog – Elvis Presley

Blueberry Hill – Fats Domino

Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles

Funky Drummer – James Brown

Recorded in Fauver, Engineered by David Stouck & Anthony Hanna


Rock & Bowl

Please Use This Link: Rock & Bowl


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The Yesterdays – “Everybody Here Knows”

Abaye Steinmetz-Silber (Vocals)

Howe Pearson (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Michael Nelson (Bass)

David Shainess (Drums)

Abaye Steinmetz-Silber: Lyrics

Recorded 3/1/12 at Green Street Arts Center

Engineer: John Bergeron

“Everybody Here Knows”

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Dear Lord: “Noro”

Faith Harding (vocals, guitar, bass guitar)

Sam Oriach (vocals, handclaps)

Chelsie Green (vocals, handclaps)

Lyrics: Chelsie Green, Sam Oriach and Faith Harding

Composition: Chelsie Green, Sam Oriach, and Faith Harding

Recorded in WestCo 3 on Garage Band. Engineer: Faith Harding


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Drew’s Finest: “Please Stand Up”

Nick Scotto (vocals)

Lyrics by Nick Scotto, with additional help from Justin Metz, Benj Schwartz, and Ryan Sblendorio

Samples: “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem (Prod. by Dr. Dre and Mel-Man)

Recorded 3/3/12 at Green Street Recording Studio

Engineer: John Bergeron

“Please Stand Up”


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Little Saint Anything: “Song For Sam’s Girlfriend”

Jack Ladd (Vocals, Keyboard), Zoe Turner (Guitar)

Composer: Jack Ladd

Lyrics: Zoe Turner

“Song For Sam’s Girlfriend”

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