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Hit The Road, Kidz Bop!

Tal Levran – Vocals

Mary Chalino – Vocals

Eric Wilson – Vocals

Jon Puma – Vocals

Thomas  Hailemariam – Vocals

Maya Peterson – Vocals

Sample: Hit The Road Jack Instrumental, originally composed by Percy Mayfield, and then covered by Ray Charles.

Recorded At 142 Cross Street.

Hit The Road, Kidz Bop!

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On The Spot: “WesEats”

Theo Tydingco: Ukulele, Editing

Cam Daniels: Vocals, lyrics

Dhruv Yadav: Vocals, lyrics

Mike Velasco: Vocals, lyrics

On The Spot: “WesEats”

Cover of “My Girl” by The Temptations

Garageband.  Recorded in Bennet Hall



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Zoë Thrasher: “Stay With Me”

Zoë Thrasher (Vocals).  Lyrics: Jeff Lynne, James John Napier, Thomas Earl Petty, William Edward Phillips, Samuel Smith.  Producer: Richard Fessler.  Recorded 2/24/2015, Alpha Delta Phi Society Middletown Chapter Greene Room.  Engineer: Richard Fessler

Instrumental Track: “Blue Guitar”: Earl Hooker (Guitar), Barkin Bill, Joe Lewis Walker.  Composer: Earl Hooker.  BMI Work # 128729

Stay With Me

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FLB: “Chipotle Blues”

Finley Kincaid: Lead Vocals, Beat

Leah Giacalone: Backup Vocals, Beat

Brooke Hodgson: Backup Vocals, Beat

Composer: Finley Kincaid

Lyrics: Finley Kincaid, Brooke Hodgson, Leah Giacalone

Beat/Melody sampled from: “I Met Him on a Sunday” by The Shirelles

Garageband: Recorded in Bennet Hall

“Chipotle Blues”

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5 Cats and a Dog: “Wesleyan Blues”

Khephren Spigner (vocals), Tyler Barnes (drums, piano), Jeff Demango (bass), John Valett (lyrics), Nick Marraffa (lyrics), Matt Chun (production)

Recorded in Clark Hall. Engineered by Khephren Spigner and Tyler Barnes.

Wesleyan Blues

Wesleyan Blues

Artwork: Tyler Barnes


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12Barz: “12 Barz”

12 barz II

Saarim Zaman (Lead Electric Guitar)

Tai DupreeTan (Backing Electric Piano)

Composer: Saarim Zaman

Artwork: Tai DupreeTan

Recorded at 200 High St., Room 210.

Engineers: Tai Dupree and Saarim Zaman

12 Barz

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The Aces: If I Fell Tomorrow

“If I Fell Tomorrow”

Chase Moran (vocals, guitar, bass, editing)

Sara Guernsey (vocals, lyrics)

Leyna Donaldson (production, lyrics)

Lyrics from: “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” by the Shirelles, composed by Carole King & Gerry Goffin and “If I Fell” by The Beatles, composed by Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Recorded in the music practice rooms.

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The Wesleyan(ettes): “Please Professor”

Steven Chen (Lead vocals, lyrics)

Eudice Chong (Lead vocals, lyrics)

Helen Klass-Warch (Vocals, lyrics)

Noah Staples (Vocals, lyrics)

Nicole DelGaudio (Videographer and Editor, lyrics)

Composer: Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Brian Holland, Robert Bateman, Freddie Gorman

Sampled: “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes

Green Street Recording Studio

Engineer: John Bergeron

Please Professor

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The Two J’s: “New Spin: Hotel Yorba”

“Hotel Yorba”

Josh Rubin (Vocals), Jeremy Freeman (Guitar),

Composer: Robert Johson, Lyrics: Jack White (The White Stripes)

Covered: “They’re Red Hot” by Robert Johnson

Lyrics by: “Hotel Yorba” by The White Stripes

Green Street Recording Studio: Engineer: John Bergeron

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Captain Jack and the Sparrows: “Let Me Be”

Lyle Mitchell (lyrics, production)

Niall Devaney (lyrics, production)

Harry Frank (lead vocals, production)

Bobby Cunningham (vocals, production)

Billy Claflin (vocals, production)

Sample: “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

Recording Studio: 14 Fountain

Let Me Be


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