The Herd of Turtles: “Season For Leavin'”

Abigail Smith (Vocals), Annie Roff (Vocals), Ellie Case-Pethica (Vocals), Jack Graylin (Vocals).   Lyrics: Chorus – Abigail Smith, Annie Roff, Ellie Case-Pethica. Verse – Jack Graylin with input from the group   Instrumental: Somebody Gotta Die – L.u.C. (Slowed down)   Recorded at Green St. Studios by John Bergeron   “Season For Leavin’”

The Herd of Turtles – “Never Trust A Label”

Annie Roff (Vocal), Elinor Case-Pethica (Vocal), Jack Graylin (Vocal) Lyrics: Abigail Smith, Annie Roff, Elinor Case-Pethica, Jack Graylin Instrumental: Karaoke Straighten Up & Fly Right – Nat King Cole (Produced by Karafun Karaoke) Green Street Studios – John Bergeron Never Trust A Label