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F*** the Tech

Chris Bray, Charles Guingno, Dave Hogan, Brendan Kelly, Brian Maynes

Chris Badger, Tim Holland, Tim>

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Edward Britan

Edward Britan (lyrics, vocals)

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Jesse Appelman

Jesse Appelman (guitar, piano, mandolin)

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Shannon and Katy

Shannon Pao (guitar), Katy Thompson (guitar)

Song 1

Song 2 

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Lincoln Log Studios: “Eric Charry (Please don’t fail me)”

Sandflower Dyson (vocal, songwriter), Thayer McClanahan (producer), Alex Rocklin (producer), David Weintraub (songwriter, guitar, drums)

Eric Charry (please don’t fail me)

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Zig-Zag and the Cosmic Slop

Adam Barton (guitar, etc.), Kevin McCarthy (guitar, etc.)

Tune 1



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Beth Coddington (artwork), Roger Cohen (drums), Jordan Fish (videographer), Cong Huang (manager), Andrew Perlgut (bass), Jayson Whitehorn (lyrics, music, guitar), Maya Wolf (vocal)



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Tragic Johnson

Ben Doleac (singer, songwriter, guitarist), Lee Jacobson (lyrics, guitar), Ari Brand (bass), Jake Lewis (drums)

Lee’s Song

Hollywood Jive (Ben Doleac)

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Stephanie Jones (lead vocals), Elaine Garven (upright bass), Matt Cozin (drums), Carolyn Wachnicki (bass), Emily Chandler (tech, backup vocals), Ben Goldwasser (keyboards), David Bartlett (fiddle)

Leader of the Pack

Deadman’s Curve

Highway Patrol 

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Nick Nack and the Meatheads

Adam Bunce (vocals), Dominic Dinardo (vocals), Jimmy Koutroumanos (guitar), Greg Proechel (guitar)

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