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What What: “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean/Got to Get you Into My Life”

Hal Tift (guitar), Franz Muhlbauer (drums), Miles Turner (bass), Brigid Shaw (guitar), Lauren Kunzik (vocals)

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Three Amigos: “Plush” and “Little Wing”

Daniel Rief (guitar), Andy Saxon (vocals), Miles Turner (bass), Sam Han (mixing, keyboards), Adam Rose (artwork)

Little Wing


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Speed Limit 25: Original and “This is a Man’s World”

Daniel Reif (guitar), Jack Reilly (drums), Ahmed Martin (vocals), Nyasha Foy (vocals), Phantom (drums, bass, exec producer), Adam Rose (album artwork), Lorrae Doig (keyboard), Mike Sandler (sax)

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Special Brew: “Dancing in the Streets”

Chris Gateman (vocals), Tim McGee (vocals), Tyler Franklin (video director), Jolene Lozewski (video director), Chris Jasinski (video editor), Jordan Funt (video editor)

Dancing in the Streets 

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Sophia: “Sixteen”

Molly Malinowski (piano), SBW (vocals)


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Into Gotham City: “Fear of the Dark”

Michael Cho (lead guitar), Andrew Warner (vocals), Hans Hsu (drums), Dan Crosley (rhythm guitar), Alan Yaspan (bass).  Composed by Iron Maiden.

Fear of the Dark  

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International Tuna and Encyclopedia Brown: “Blistering Barnacles/ So What Interlude/ Everyone is Stupid”

Andy Kutscher (management, production, creative & organizational assistance), James McHale (beats, production, mixing), Victor Vasquez (vocals), Jeffrey Tabachnick (artwork)

Blistering Barnacles/So What Interlude/Everyone is Stupid 

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Hansolo: “Untitled”

Mike Cho (bass), Hans Hsu (drums, bongos, keyboards, vocals, lead guitar), Juliet Falchi (guitar)

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The Grocers: “2 for 1 Special”

Cece Seiter (vocals), Nina Ibanez (spoken word), Max Horwich (keyboard, drums), Albert Hill (guitar), Roderic O’Connor (producer)

2 for 1 Special 

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Foreign Cinema: “I Touch Myself”

Jake Aron, Zach Fried (drum and synth parts), J. (vocals), Lauren Wolchik (artwork)

I Touch Myself 

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