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The Xi Guys: “Cheap Ass Hoes”

Benjamin Messinger-Barnes (bass), Andrew Price (lyrics, vocals), Cardozo (lyrics, guitar, vocals), Noah Hutton (drums)

Cheap Ass Hoes 

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Douglas Walters: “Nightmares”

Douglas Walters (lyrics, music, vocals, all instruments except guitar, engineer, producer), Zac Meyer (guitar)


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Untitled Band: “Mad World”

Ben Clifford (producer, GarageBand engineer), Eleanor Winn (keyboards), Lucas Hoeffel (drum programming), Ted Fuller (additional percussion). Music by Tears for Fears.

Mad World

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Steve Cooper and Steve Sunu: “The Sound of Silence”

Steve Cooper (vocals) and Steve Sunu (vocals, guitar, arranger, GarageBand engineer). Lyrics and music by Simon and Garfunkel, additional lyrics by Cooper and Sunu.

The Sound of Silence

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Space Cadets: “Citizen’s Lament”

Emilie Phelps (lyrics, melody, vocals), Corey Davison (music, guitar), Eric Lamotte (drums), Paul Edwards (bass), Todd Rosenthal (keyboard), Sarah Jeffrey (producer, manager)

Citizen’s Lament

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Aliza Simons: “The Message”

Aliza Simons (music, vocals, ukelele, co-producer), Rod O’Connor (co-producer). Lyrics by Grandmaster Flash.

The Message

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Anthony Martello: “Good Vibrations”

Anthony Martello (vocals, all instruments, GarageBand engineer, producer). Lyrics and music by The Beach Boys.

Good Vibrations

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The Mamas Boyz: “The Morning After ”

Louis Gabel (lyrics, lead vocals), Grayson Connors (background vocals, GarageBand engineer), Dustin Mones (lyrics, background vocals), Hans Hsu (guitar). Music from Green Day “Basket Case”.

The Morning After

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Dan Lachman: “Woah”

Dan Lachman (music, lyrics, vocals)


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Aaron Izakowitz: “Chiggerbat”

Aaron Izakowitz and Evans Brown (music, GarageBand engineers)


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