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The Iron Knight: “I Don’t Want to Be With You Anymore”

Mike Kuhn (lyrics, music, vocals, keyboards), Brian Jordan (recording engineer)

I Don’t Want to Be With You Anymore

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Evan Huggins: “No Other Girl”

Huggins (lyrics, FL Studio 6 technician, producer, arranger, vocalist). Music sampled from “The Girl I Find Stays on My Mind” by Curtis Mayfield.

No Other Girl 

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Dr. Collins and The Lesion of Doom: “Ketchup Soup”

Dan Collins (lyrics, vocals, co-producer), Steve Cohen (co-producer), Brett Valentine, Bobby Rosenthal (lyrics). Samples from Public Enemy “Fight the Power,” Silent Hille “School Safe State,” and Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf.

Ketchup Soup

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The CPCs: “Today is Gonna Be the Day”

Chris Graceffa (lyrics, vocals), Jonna Humphries (vocals) Will Bennett (cover art, editing, production, lyrics), Ryan Hendrickson (videographer). Music and lyrics by Oasis.

Today is Gonna Be the Day

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Cellar Door: “War on Terror”

Hannah Masius (music, keyboards, GarageBand engineer), Cousin John (co-producer)

War on Terror

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Cassanova Clique: “Roll with the Clique”

Anthony Edwards (producer, engineer). Music sampled from “Your Sweetness is My Weakness” by Barry White.

Roll with the Clique

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The Burning Leaves: “If You Are Feeling Lonely”

Dan Crossley (lyrics, music, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nate Kaufman (electric piano, djembe, background vocals), Will Duncan (background vocals), Dave Skinner (bass), Jason Jiho Kim (background vocals arranging), Kate Goldman (background vocals), Alex Kaufman (cover art)

If You Are Felling Lonely

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Joan Bosco: “Truth”

Joan Bosco (lyrics, music, vocals, guitar)


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Black Bear of the Black Mountain: “1969”

Matt Holmes-Linder (rhythm guitar, bass) and Keenan Mitchell (vocals, lead solo, drums), Doug Walters (engineer, producer). Lyrics and music by Iggy Stooge


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Between Two Sounds: “In Memoriam”

Chole Bolton (lyrics, vocals, tambourine), Will Runge (music, all instruments, GarageBand engineer, producer)

In Memoriam

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