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2006: Fall Projects (the magazines)

Boogie Chillen, vol. 1 (midterm)

Boogie Chillen, vol. 1 supplement (midterm)

Boogie Chillen, vol. 2 (final)

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The Xi Guys: “Statesboro Blues”

Andrew Price (vocals), Benjamin Messinger-Barnes (bass), Noah Hutton (drums), Raffi Stern (lead guitar). Lyrics and music by Willie McTell.

Statesboro Blues 

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The What Did You Say?: “Bad Pick Up Line Blues”

Aliza Simons (music, lyrics, ukelele), Laura Rubin (vocals, percussion), Sarah Leonard (vocals, percussion, album cover back design), Laurenellen McCann (vocals, percussion, album cover front design), Hans Bartmann (vocals)

Bad Pick Up Line Blues

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Van Winkle: “Sour Pie”

David Appelbaum (keyboards, producer). Music by Van Winkle.

Sour Pie

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The Sunglasses: “Outtasite, Outta Mind”

Matthew Holmes-Linder (guitar), Corey Davidson (guitar), Paul Edwards (bass), Emilie Phelps (vocals), Todd Rosenthal (vocals), Eric LaMotte (drums), Sarah Jeffrey (producer). Music composed by Wilco.

Outtasite, Outta Mind

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RS: “Grace’s Song”

Michael Berger (vocals, lyrics), Zac Meyer (producer, engineer). Music by Kanye West.

Grace’s Song

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Anthony Martello: “Ashes to Ashes”

Anthony Martello (lyrics, music, all instruments and vocals, engineer), Jonna Humphries (album artwork)

Ashes to Ashes 

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The Mama’s Boyz: “F*** My Friend John”

Louis Gabel (lyrics, vocals, album cover design), Dusty Mones (lyrics, background vocals). Grayson Connors (background vocals, engineer). Music by Fountains of Wayne.

F*** My Friend John 

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Lazorblade: “Wave of Blood”

Keenan Mitchell (lyrics, music, vocals, guitar), Doug Walters (music, drums, keyboard, engineer)

Wave of Blood 

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Dan Lachman: “Crushing”

Dan Lachman (lyrics, music, producer, editor), Georgina Yeomans (vocals, album artwork)


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