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The Iron Knight: “Writing”

Mike Kuhn (lyrics, music, vocals, keyboard, and percussion programming)


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Evan Huggins and Anthony Edwards: “Almost Ain’t Enough”

Evan Huggins (lyrics, music, vocals, production), Anthony Edwards (engineer, production)

Almost Ain’t Enough

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Lucas Hoeffel: “I Just Want You”

Lucas Hoeffel (producer, digital drums), Chris Krovatin (vocals), William Franklin (guitar), Ray Ward (bass), Dan Lachman (engineer). Music composed by Ozzy Osbourne.

I Just Want You

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French in Action: “Pressure Drop”

Ben Clifford (bass, engineer), Eleanor Winn (steel pan), Ted Fuller (vocals), Robbie rindlaub (steel pan). Music composed by Toots and the Maytals.

Pressure Drop 

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Eric Charry: “Stand By Me”

Eric Charry (all instruments). Music by and vocal sample from Ben E. King.

Stand By Me 

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The Burning Leaves: “Mary”

Dan Crossley (music, vocals, guitar), Mike Cardozo (lead guitar, bass), Nate Kaufman (keyboards, tenor saxophone, background vocals, engineer), Dave Skinner (tambourine), Jason Kim (trombone), Will Duncan (background vocals), Kate Goldman (album cover design)


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Beasts of Burden: “Chalk”

Jeff Wong (bass, background vocals), Schuyler Swenson (guitar, vocals), Beck Dorey-Stein (lyrics, tambourine, vocals), Ben Castanon (guitar, background vocals), Dustin Brockner (drums, background vocals). Music composed by Rolling Stones.


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Steve and Steve: “Thuggin Thursday”

Steven Cooper (lyrics, vocals, videographer, video editing), Steve Sunu (lyrics, vocals, videographer, engineer). Based on “Lazy Sunday,” music by Sunu.

Thuggin Thursday

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The Steamers of Ohio: “Evolution of White People Listening to Black Music”

Peter Glidden (actor, script), Sean Collins (videographer and video editor), Jesse Bardo (actor, costuming), Rob Chang (actor, prop selection), Matt Burke (actor)

Evolution of White Poeple Listening to Black Music

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The Queen: “A Little Less Conversation”

Dan Bloom (lyrics, lead vocals, actor), Charles Segal (background vocals, actor [Elvis]), Seth Rosen (engineer, background vocals), Dan deLalla (background vocals). Music from JXL remix of Elvis Presley.

A Little Less Conversation 

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