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Eagle Cry

Ian Pearson and David Burke (vocals), Terrence Agbi and Sabine Vilsaint (management).  Composed by T.O.K.  Instrumentals: “Bruk Out Riddim” by Dave Kelly

Recorded: Green Street Studio.  Engineer: John Bergernon

Eagle Cry

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2008: Spring Projects (the magazines)

The 860, issue 1 (midterm magazine)

The 860, issue 2 (final magazine)

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The Trois Elles: Be My Baby

Lily Costner (guitar, back-up vocals, engineer, co-composer), Lisa Drennan (piano, co-composer), Lizzie Collector (lead vocals, co-composer). Song based on Be My Baby by The Ronettes.

Be My Baby

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Skoal Bandits: “One”

Ben Stockman (guitar), Brent Winship (vocals, guitar), John Torrenti (Lyrics, bass guitar), Chuck Riether (lyrics and garage band editing). Original guitar composed by Metallica.


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Kevin Scura: Dorm Room Blues

Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals: Kevin Scura. Written and Recorded using GarageBand by Kevin Scura.

Dorm Room Blues

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It’s All Natural: “Don’t Want You Texting Me”

Daniel Conroy (Trumpet, Backup Vocals, Lyrics), Kyle Baicker-McKee (Didgeridoo, Lyrics), Damian Privitera (Vocals, Lyrics). Backing Track Sampled from “Never Gonna Give You Up”, by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, Pete Waterman. Trumpet Solo Composed by The Gorillaz. Didgeridoo part composed by Kyle Baicker McKee.Recorded in High Rise. Engineer: Damian Privitera.

“Don’t Want You Texting Me”

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Quest: “Keep On Walkin'”

Claire Hunter (Lead Vocals), Leah Coe, Izzy Jacobs, Maggie Lile, Allie Lynch (Backup Vocals), Laurel Sticklor (Keyboard, Keyboard Bass and Drums). Composer: Journey (Based on the song “Don’t Stop Believin”). Lyrics: Jen Spero, Talia Bernstein, and Leah Coe.

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center. Engineer: John Bergernon

Keep On Walkin’

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Barslow and the Alleycats: Graduation Blues

Alex Lawrence (Lyrics, Vocals), Sam Barcelo (Lyrics, Harmonica), Evan Bluestein (Guitar).  Song based on Eric Clapton’s arraignment of “How Long, How Long Blues”. Composed by Leroy Carr

Recorded at Green St. Arts Center.  Engineer: John Bergernon

Graduation Blues

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BSD Boys: “Fight For Your Right (To Study)”

Kwasi Ansu (Writer/Vocals/Artist), Nate Green (Writer/Vocals/Artist), Colin Campbell (Writer/Vocals/Guitar), Mike Polhemus (Engineer/Organizer/Director/Promoter), Hans Hsu (Producer). From the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right (To Party)”

Fight For Your Right (To Study)
Off the album: Best Thang Swangin’

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Charry Danish: “Hey Hey”

Drew Flanagan (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Alex King (Electric Guitar), Paul Linton (Electric Bass), Claire Stolowitz (Violin), Kelsey Tyssowski (Keyboards, Flute). Music and Lyrics: Chad Urmstron, Pete Heimbold, and Brad Corrigan

Recorded at the Green Street Recording Center with engineer John Bergeron.

Hey Hey

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