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The Queen Haters: “Be My Baby”

Mickey Capper (guitar, vocals, drum programming)

Composers: Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwhich, Jeff Barry

Recorded in WestCo’s beautiful Down 2 with Ableton Live 8.1 by Mickey Capper

Be My Baby

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The Drop Outs: “Reckless Driving”

Bennett Wilson (vocals, drums), Mark Fajan (guitar, bass).  Composed by Mark Fajan.  Lyrics by Bennett Wilson.  Recorded at Green Street Art Center Studio.  Engineered by John Bergeron. “Reckless Driving”

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2010 Spring Magazine: “School of Rock, Vol.2”

School of Rock, Vol. 2

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Sky Stallbaumer “Is This Real Life?”

Sky Stallbaumer (Production, Piano, Synth, Sampled Synths, MIDI Drums)

Composer: Sky Stallbaumer

Samples Used:

Barack Obama, Reading from “The Audacity of Hope”

David After Dentist, from YouTube

Matthew McConaughey, from “Dazed and Confused”

Mr. Chi-City, from YouTube

Individual Drum Samples taken from Primitive Radio Gods: “Standing Outside a Broken Phonebooth with Money in my Hand”

Recorded by Sky Stallbaumer, using Ableton Live 8.0.1, in WestCo

“Is This Real Life?”

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Soup – “To Be Alone With You”

Hahnsol Park – Guitar

Vernon Thommeret – Vocals

Composer: Sufjan Stevens

To Be Alone With You

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Train – “Hey, Soul Sister”

Kim Ladd (guitar, vocals)

Composers: Amund Bjorklund, Espen Lind, Pat Monahan

Recorded in 200 Church
Mixed by K Ladd

Hey, Soul Sister

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Chicken Over Rice – Be my Baby and Shake it cuz Girls Wanna Have Fun

Name of Group: Chicken over Rice

Name of Piece: Be my baby and Shake it cuz Girls Wanna Have Fun

Vocals: Shinekwa Kershaw (using garageband)

Producer: Shin Otake (using garageband, ableton live, and mixer)


Be My Baby – Ronettes (Shinekwa Cover)

Hey Ya – Outkast

Twist and Shout – Beatles

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Tik Tok – Ke$ha

Pitbull Vocals.

Recorded and Mixed at : 126 Knowles

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Ural Grant- Vocals, Composer, Producer, Editor

Sample- Mary Mary, Heaven

Sample- Mary Mary, God In Me

Garage Band

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Dah Byrds: Spit Makes Snow

Isabel Magowan: Vocals

Nate Mondschein: Vocals, Guitar, Midi Drums

Composer/Lyrics: Nate Mondschein

Recorded at Ullmondschein Studios

Engineer: Nate Mondschein

Spit Makes Snow

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Go-go Toquitos: “Mind on the Grease”

Zachary Goldberg (emcee)

Robert Burvant (guitar)

Stephan Stansfield (producer, mixer)

Frank Fineis (bass, emcee)

Composer: Stephan Stansfield, Robert Burvant

Lyrics: Frank Fineis, Zachary Goldberg

Recorded in WestCo with Ableton Live software.

Samples:”Sexy Boy” by Air, “When They Fight They Fight” by The Generationals

Go-go Toquitos: “Mind on the Grease”

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