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The Collaborative: “Public Service Announcement”

Matthew Alvarez (Vocals), ft. Portia Lundie (Vocals) & Coral Foxworth (Vocals)

Composer: Matthew Alvarez

Recorded in WestCo 1104

Public Service Announcement

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The DKEttes Pt. 2 : “Nothing on DKE”

Matt Coyne (Vocals)
Larry Belotta(Vocals)
Dan Giordano(Vocals, Composer)
Katrina Ellis-Ferrara(Composer, Sample)
Brett Bandazian(Composer)
Jeff Hauser(Garage Band)

Electronically Sampled: “Nothing on You” by B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars. Composed by Phil Lawrence

\”Nothing on DKE\”

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Louie and the Louettes

Kwame Adams (Vocals)

Shane Bernard (Vocals)

Glen Thomas (Vocals)

Armani White (Vocals)

Ernest Wingate (Vocals)

Composers: Kwame Adams, Shane Bernard, Glen Thomas, Armani White, Ernest Wingate

Instrumental from “Shake It Fast” by Mystikal featuring Pharrell. Composers:Michael Tyler, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo

Good Decisions, Bad Decisions

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Studio. Engineer: John Bergeron

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Spring 2011: “Feedback Banana Vol. 1”

Editors: Gabrielle Bruney, Max Brivic

Layout Editor: Julia Baez Valentin

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Charry’s Disciples: “Red & Black”

Kyle Somersall (vocal), Adam Marcu (vocal), Derick Williams (vocal)

Samples: Wiz Kalifa: “Black & Yellow”, Kid Cudi: “Pursuit of Happiness”

Recorded: Green St. Arts Studio. Engineered by John

“Red & Black”

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Pine Street Boyz – Pine All the Time

Benjamin Post (vocals)

Reuben Johnson (vocals)

Phillip Ramirez (vocals)

Ian Johnson (vocals)

Composer: Ian Johnson, Donald Byrd, Larry Mizell

Lyrics: Reuben Johnson, Benjamin Post, Phil Ramirez

Contains a sample of Donald Byrd’s “Think Twice,” from the album¬†Stepping Into Tomorrow,¬†recorded in 1974 on Blue Note Records.

Recorded at Green Street Arts Center Studio. Engineer: John Bergeron

Pine Street Boyz – Pine All the Time

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Pink Trip: “Bitter Summer”

Nessan O’Connor (guitar, bass, piano, programmed drums)

J (vocals)

Laurie Power (violin)

Composer: Nessan O’Connor

Lyrics: Nessan O’Connor and J

Recorded: Nessan O’Connor

Mixed: John at Green Street Records

“Bitter Summer” by Pink Trip

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Mickey & The Hulk-Outs: Four Loko Sunrise

Steven Heckel (sampling, drum programming)

Michael Roth (synths)

Recorded and produced by Heckel and Roth at 6 Warren Studios.

Samples “Pachuca Sunrise” composed by Jake Snider and Dave Knudson.

Four Loko Sunrise

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Alpha 9: “The Best of the Little Three”

Momo Saleh (Lyricists, Producer)
Martin Kafina (Lyricists)
Wesley Fantini (Lyricists)
Mark Ramos (Lyricists)
Recorded at Lo-Rise A-9, engineered by Momo Saleh

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Asher H.K. Nacht: “track to my memory”

Asher Kelly-Nacht (Composer & Producer)

(assistant sound engineer: Harrison Schaaf)

Recorded at 51 Fountain Studios

“track to my memory” To My Memory 1.m4a

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